Nominations Open for 2022 AOS Council & Special Membership Classes

Leadership Within AOS: Pathways & Opportunities | AOS December Community Forum Reminder

Post updated 1/10/22
We’ve extended the nomination deadlines for AOS Council and AOS Honorary Fellows.
Honorary Fellows nomination deadline: 15 February 2022
AOS Council nominations deadline: 21 January 2022

Each year, members of the American Ornithological Society (AOS) have an opportunity to influence AOS’s future by electing officers and Councilors to govern our Society. We also can honor accomplished ornithologists through nominations to our Elective Member and Fellows classes. Nominations are now open for the AOS Council and the 2022 classes of Fellows and Elective Members. Your voice is important in the AOS; we depend on our members to participate in efforts to elect our Society’s leadership and recognize and celebrate ornithologists who have made notable contributions to ornithological science and to the AOS. Read on for details about the nomination processes and for information about our next AOS Community Forum on leadership pathways within the AOS.

AOS Council

All AOS members are invited to submit nominations for open positions on the AOS Council, the Society’s governing body. This year the Society will elect four Elective Councilors and three officers: President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer. Nominations require the consent of the nominee and can be submitted via the AOS Member Portal. Full details, including instructions for submitting nominations, are on the AOS website. Elections will be held in the spring of 2022. We strongly encourage our members to submit nominations of eligible individuals; your suggestions will help AOS develop a diverse and representative slate of qualified candidates who can lead AOS into the future. Nomination deadline extended to 21 January 2022.

AOS Class of 2022 Elective Members & Fellows

The AOS invites nominations for consideration for AOS’s Special Membership Classes of Elective Member and Fellow, which recognize members for their exceptional contributions to ornithology and/or to AOS. Any AOS member may submit potential nominations, including self-nominations, to be considered by the nominations committee. Please see our new Guidelines on Expected Qualifications of AOS Elective Members as you consider and develop your nomination. Also note that members of these Special Membership Classes are no longer required to be residents of the Western Hemisphere. Full details, including instructions for submitting nominations, are on the AOS website. Nominations closed on 15 December 2021.

AOS Honorary Fellows

AOS Honorary Fellows are chosen for exceptional ornithological eminence; because of geography, primary disciplinary focus, and/or other professional reasons, these individuals typically have not been members of the AOS. Any Fellow of the Society in good standing may suggest names for consideration for Honorary Fellow. Potential nominees will be considered and may be nominated by the Honorary Fellows Nomination Committee. Details are available on the AOS website. Nomination deadline extended to 15 February 2022.

Community Forum Reminder

Want to learn more about these and other leadership opportunities within AOS? We hope you’ll join us on 2 December at 5:00 p.m. (EST) for an AOS Community Forum, Leadership Within AOS: Pathways and Opportunities, hosted by members of AOS leadership. Our Community Forums provide opportunities for members to get involved, share ideas, and guide our work in key areas to help us better serve you. Our conversation will center around creating greater equity and access to leadership pathways within the AOS, and we are looking for your suggestions on how AOS can broaden our leadership pipeline and engage emerging leaders within our Society. Register for our Community Forum.

We hope you’ll join us on 2 December—we look forward to connecting with you!

Mike Webster
AOS President

Colleen Handel
AOS President-Elect

Judith Scarl
AOS Executive Director

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