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15 December 2021

Proposals due for Workshops & Training Opportunities for AOS & BC 2022.

Nominations due for 2022 Classes of AOS Elective Members, Fellows, and Honorary Fellows.

31 December 2021

Applications due for 2022 Student Membership Awards.

Nominations due for AOS Council.

15 January 2022

Proposals due for Symposia and Roundtables for AOS & BC 2022.

Nominations due for 2022 Senior Professional, Early Professional, Service, and Publication Awards.

4 February 2022

Applications due for 2022 Student Research Awards.

27 June–2 July 2022

American Ornithology & BirdsCaribbean 2022, a joint conference of the American Ornithological Society and BirdsCaribbean, with local hosts Para la Naturaleza and Sociedad Ornitológica Puertorriqueña, in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


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  • Ph.D. candidate (3rd year) in the Lovette Lab at Cornell University (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology department)
  • Cornell Sloan Scholar
  • Former Co-chair of AOS Student Affairs Committee
  • Member of AOS Membership Committee, AOS Diversity and Inclusion Committee
  • Member of Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Committee on Diversity and Inclusion

“Birds are an exceptional vessel for appreciating the natural world, science communication, policy and advocacy. Ornithology brings many people together under this shared appreciation, and I love how AOS promotes a mission that every type of bird lover is welcome and respected in the community.”





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We’re excited to introduce a Special Feature, Advances in Avian Diet: Methods & Applications, in @AmOrnith journals in 2022, beginning with four articles from the January 2022 issue of Ornithology. Here's an introduction! #ornithology #research #aviandiet https://t.co/04QNXOYH5W https://t.co/hJgts3PFuA