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15 December 2022

Nominations due for AOS Fellows & Elective Members.

31 December 2022

Nominations due for 2023 AOS Student Membership Awards.

1 January 2023

Nominations due for AOS Officers & Councilors.

3 February 2023

Applications due for 2023 AOS Student & Postdoc Research Awards.

7–12 August 2023

AOS & SCOSOC 2023 in London, Ontario; a joint meeting of the American Ornithological Society (AOS) and the Society of Canadian Ornithologists–Société des ornithologistes du Canada (SCO–SOC)


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Why AOS Now?


  • Ph.D. candidate (3rd year) in the Lovette Lab at Cornell University (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology department)
  • Cornell Sloan Scholar
  • Former Co-chair of AOS Student Affairs Committee
  • Member of AOS Membership Committee, AOS Diversity and Inclusion Committee
  • Member of Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Committee on Diversity and Inclusion

“Birds are an exceptional vessel for appreciating the natural world, science communication, policy and advocacy. Ornithology brings many people together under this shared appreciation, and I love how AOS promotes a mission that every type of bird lover is welcome and respected in the community.”





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"Living with cowbird nest parasitism—and thriving" | Read the latest on Wing Beat from @RonMumme & Claire Lignac on the Hooded Warbler's re-nesting & double-brooding strategy. Blog post: https://t.co/qGf8Ks6Dda #ornithology