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6 December 2019

Deadline for symposium, round table, and workshop proposals for NAOC

13 December 2019

Senior Professional, Early Professional, AOS Service, and Katma Award nominations close

31 December 2019

Student Membership Award applications close

Deadline to renew membership for 2020 with no lapse


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Department of Biological Sciences, University of Windsor
AOS Student Membership Award Committee Chair

“The voices of birds exhibit extraordinary complexity and diversity, unrivalled in the rest of the animal kingdom. AOS fosters research on that complexity and diversity by supporting journals, meetings, grants, and awards. I am a proud member of AOS and proud of the important role that the society plays in research on the avian voice and all other components of ornithology.”



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Have you been keeping up with Wing Beat, the AOS blog? Recent posts cover the fossils of extinct crane-like birds, how Andean Condors fared after a volcanic eruption, & whether gravel pits are an ecological trap for nesting Bank Swallows. #ornithology https://t.co/wzNL1jw3ZQ