Do protected areas work? Long-term monitoring shows protected areas safeguard bird populations and support federal and state mandates

By Point Blue Conservation Science Linked paper: Protected areas safeguard landbird populations in central coastal California: evidence from long-term population trends by Mark D. Dettling, Kristen E. Dybala, Diana L. Humple, and Thomas Gardali, Ornithological Applications. Federal and state mandates to conserve 30% of the nation’s lands and waters by 2030 are intended to protect …

AOS Celebrates World Albatross Day 2021

Tomorrow, Saturday, June 19, 2021 marks the second World Albatross Day, a day for celebrating and raising awareness about the ‘conservation crisis’ the world’s albatrosses and petrels are facing. With this year’s theme, Ensuring Albatross-friendly Fisheries, organizers hope to bring awareness to one of the top threats to albatrosses and petrels: bycatch in fisheries.

AOS Welcomes Dr. Judith Scarl as Its Next Executive Director

CHICAGO, Ill. — The governing Council of the American Ornithological Society (AOS) today announces the appointment of Dr. Judith Scarl as its next executive director and chief executive officer, effective 6 July 2021. Dr. Scarl succeeds Melinda Pruett-Jones as the second woman executive to lead the society. The AOS formed in 2016 after a merger …

The Cryptic Decline of an Iconic Northern Species

In the excitement and confusion of all-night loon capture, you don’t have much time to think. With a goal each night of catching five lakes’ worth of loons, your team of four loon researchers works steadily and by routine.

A Victory for the Migratory Bird Treaty Act

This week marks the 104th anniversary of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA), which has been under threat by the Trump administration’s attempts to roll back its provisions that hold businesses accountable for bird deaths. In an August 11th ruling, U.S. District Court Judge Valerie Caproni made it clear that the administration’s rollback of the …