Nominations are currently closed for 2021 AOS Fellows, Honorary Fellows, and Elective Members.

AOS recognizes three classes of special membership as described in Article I of the Bylaws:

Individuals are elected to these categories in recognition of their contributions to ornithology and to AOS. The AOS nomination committees strive to develop a balanced annual slate of nominees that represent the Society and includes the diversity of its members.

The Committee on Nomination of Fellows and Elective Members encourages any AOS member to suggest names for consideration as new Fellows and Elective Members. AOS welcomes suggested nominations (including self nominations) in order to recognize individuals for their diverse contributions to ornithology and to the Society. Recommendations of qualified individuals from under-represented groups are strongly encouraged.

The Committee on Nomination of Honorary Fellows is responsible for developing the slate of candidates for Honorary Fellows when openings are available. Only committee members and current AOS Fellows may submit nominations for Honorary Fellows.

AOS Elective Members

Elective Members are nominated based on their significant contributions to ornithology and/or service to AOS. At the time of their election, Elective Members must be Members in good standing. Nominees should have a strong record (5+ years) of membership and engagement with the Society and they should have a well-established record of research on, or service to, the scientific understanding and conservation of birds.

Current AOS Elective Members

AOS Fellows

Fellows are nominated based on their exceptional and sustained contributions to ornithology and/or service to AOS. At the time of their election, Fellows must be Honorary Fellows or Elective Members in good standing.

Current AOS Fellows

AOS Honorary Fellows

Honorary Fellows shall be limited to 100. They are chosen for exceptional ornithological eminence and, because of geography, primary disciplinary focus, and/or other professional reasons, typically have not been members of the American Ornithological Society.

Current AOS Honorary Fellows