1. 15 February 2024 (11:59 p.m. ET) for international travelers requiring a visa. Applications from international travelers submitted after this date will be considered (and awardees notified) on a rolling basis until all funding has been disbursed. Thus, if you require a visa to travel, it is recommended you get your application in as soon as possible.
  2. 15 April 2024 (11:59 pm ET) for all other applicants that do not require a visa. Awardees will be notified prior to the early bird registration deadline.

FAQs for Grant Recipients.

The American Ornithological Society (AOS) is providing travel grants to help defray expenses to attend the AOS 2024 meeting in Estes Park, Colorado, USA. Although presenting as the first author of an oral or poster presentation at the conference is not a requirement for eligibility, award selection will be strongly favored for those who are contributing actively to the conference, including those who are helping to organize the conference, presenting a paper, or leading workshops, symposia, round-tables, working group meetings, or official conference field trips. Meeting attendance is required to pick up the travel grant.

Note: Given the time required to submit visa applications and make travel arrangements to Colorado, we are reviewing applications for travel grants from international travelers requiring a visa beginning 15 February 2024. If you do not require a visa to travel to the United States, your application will be reviewed following the 15 April 2024 deadline.

IMPORTANT: Please see the visa page on the U.S. Department of State website to learn more about U.S. visa requirements and to help determine whether or not you need a visa to travel to the United States. If you need a U.S. travel visa, it is your responsibility to begin the visa application process with the U.S. government to ensure this is completed prior to your travel. If you require a visa letter of invitation to attend the conference, please complete this form on our meeting website to request an AOS 2024 invitation letter for your visa application with the U.S. government. A letter from AOS will be emailed to you within three business days.

AOS General Travel Grants for Students & Postdocs 

Student applicants need not be members of the AOS when they apply; however, awardees must be members of the Society to receive their grants. In contrast, postdoc applicants must be members of AOS when they apply and be ineligible for student travel grants (i.e., graduated more than a semester prior to the meeting). Students between degree-seeking programs who intend to re-enter a degree program in the future may also apply for these grants. 

Travel Grants In Support of Diversity & Inclusion 

As part of our ongoing efforts to foster a diverse and inclusive community, the AOS is proud to offer additional travel grants supporting individuals from underrepresented groups (based on any attribute, including disability, ethnicity, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, etc.) and/or those who have made significant contributions towards fostering a diverse and inclusive community. Membership in the AOS is not required to be eligible for these grants. Students and postdocs (as described above) who wish to be considered for these grants should select the appropriate option in the application process below. 

Latin America and Caribbean Travel Grants 

The AOS is proud to offer additional travel grants supporting individuals who are from, reside, and study in Latin America and the Caribbean. Membership in the AOS is not required to be eligible for these grants. Students and postdocs who wish to be considered for these grants should select the appropriate option in the application process below. 

Preparing a Budget

Travel funding is primarily for the purpose of defraying expenses for transportation to and from the conference. However, some funding sources may provide funding beyond strict travel (e.g., accommodations, meals, registration costs, etc.), particularly to individuals of greatest need. In the application, you will be asked to provide detailed budget requests in two categories: transportation and lodging. Transportation requests are limited to estimated costs associated with travel to and from the annual meeting, including airfare, ground transportation (shuttles/taxis/ride-share, bus, train, etc.), and/or rental car and fuel.

Application Details

All applications for travel grants must be submitted through the AOS 2024 Travel Grant Submission Portal. If you are presenting an oral or poster presentation at the conference (which greatly increases your chances of receiving a grant, particularly for students and postdocs), you should describe your intended participation in the AOS 2024 conference. All grantees are expected to have a high standard of ethical and social behavior that is strongly aligned with the AOS Code of Conduct & Ethics.

Other information required in the application process includes:

  • Current academic standing (e.g., pre-college, undergrad, M.S., Ph.D., postdoc, between degrees)
  • Anticipated graduation month and year
  • Past travel funding from the AOS
  • Travel budget request
  • Location that the applicant is traveling from (city, state or province, and country)
  • Institutional affiliation (some awards are restricted to those from U.S. institutions)
  • Countries of residence and citizenship (some awards are restricted to U.S. citizens or permanent residents)


For questions regarding Travel Grants, please complete this online form or contact the appropriate representatives by email using the subject line: 

AOS 2024 Travel Grants – Inquiry Regarding ______________”

For AOS Travel Grants

Sarah Saunders: and Evan Adams:

For Diversity & Inclusion Travel Grants

Sahas Barve: 

For Latin America and Caribbean Travel Grants

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