Fighting against the rising tides: Climate change outpaces tidal marsh sparrows’ ability to adapt

Conservation practitioners need information that can help predict species’ ability to cope with rapid environmental changes in order to make management decisions. We wanted to better understand the adaptive capacity of two tidal marsh nesting sparrow species, the Saltmarsh (Ammospiza caudacutus) and Nelson’s (Ammospiza nelsoni) sparrows.

Finalists Announced for the 2022 AOS Wesley Lanyon Award

The American Ornithological Society (AOS) is pleased to announce that the following four early-career researchers have been invited to submit review papers to the AOS journals, Ornithology and Ornithological Applications, in the competition for the 2022 Wesley Lanyon Award, based on proposals each submitted to the editors-in-chief and senior editors. Ornithological Applications Finalists Alex Sutton, …

How will migratory birds in South America adapt to future climate change?

by Natália Stefanini Linked paper: Future climate change will impact the size and location of breeding and wintering areas of migratory thrushes in South America by Natália Stefanini Da Silveira, Maurício Humberto Vancine, Alex E. Jahn, Marco Aurélio Pizo, and Thadeu Sobral-Souza, Ornithological Applications  The answer to the question of how migratory birds in South …

Enigmatic Bird Declines in Pristine Amazon Rainforest

After a field season netting birds in Amazonian rainforest fragments and second growth, Louisiana State University (LSU) Ph.D. candidate Erik Johnson was excited to work in undisturbed forest for his 2008 field season. Within a few weeks, he had seen many of the specialist birds absent from the disturbed landscape.