Finalists Announced for Inaugural Wesley Lanyon Award

The American Ornithological Society is pleased to announce that the following six early-career researchers have been invited to submit review papers to AOS journals as competitors for the Wesley Lanyon Award, based on the abstracts they provided this summer:

Jessie Williamson, University of New Mexico: “Elevational niche-shift migration: Ecology, evolution, and physiology of a unique avian behavior”

Valentina Gómez-Bahamón, University of Illinois at Chicago: “Macroevolutionary patterns of bird migration revealed by intraspecific variation”

Ahva Potticary, University of Arizona: “Origin of cooperative breeding in birds: A widespread example of genetic accommodation?”

Nicholas Mason, UC Berkeley: “Plumage patterns in birds: Biological function, evolutionary origin, and advances in quantification”

Erin Grabarczyk, Valdosta State University: “Shifting to receivers: Toward a mechanistic understanding of the effects of anthropogenic noise on signal perception”

Jennifer Linscott, University of South Carolina: “Adding context to stopovers: Integrating developments in migration ecology to inform conservation”

Named in honor of Wesley “Bud” Lanyon, the 37th President of the American Ornithologists’ Union, the Lanyon Award recognizes the early-career ornithologist who authors the best synthesis or review paper, to be published as an open-access article in either AOS journal (The Auk or The Condor). The winner will be announced in March 2020 and will organize a symposium on their winning review topic at next summer’s North American Ornithological Conference in Puerto Rico.

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