Attracting Birds of All Feathers: AOS Calls for Diversity in Ornithology

The American Ornithological Society (AOS) acknowledges the systemic barriers faced by professional and citizen scientists of color and we’re redoubling our efforts towards making ornithology, birding, and access to the natural world equitable and inclusive. We seek to continue to amplify Black voices highlighted by #BlackBirdersWeek. In addition to ongoing inclusion efforts, AOS is joining our friends at the Association for Field Ornithologists and the Wilson Ornithological Society by expanding our annual offering of free AOS memberships for current and aspiring Black ornithologists (valid August 2020–December 2021). We also invite mentors of Black ornithologists to nominate their mentees for these free memberships. 

The deadline for membership nomination is July 15, 2020.   

Membership to the AOS includes the following benefits:

We are dedicated to holding and creating space for diverse voices. We welcome member engagement with AOS. As a member you can:

To apply or nominate an ornithologist for AOS membership, please use our Google form.


  1. Hello, I am writing after reading in a recent Washington Post article that you commenced an internal committee to guide your naming committee to prevent birds from being named after racist bigots. Excellent. However, I was disappointed to read that 13 of the 17th members are white. Please increase your diversity. Nature is for everyone so please, let your anti-racist work show ornithologists of all colors and genders. Thank you.

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