Congratulations to the AOS 2023 Classes of AOS Fellows and Elective Members

The American Ornithological Society (AOS) welcomes the 2023 classes of AOS Fellows and Elective Members. Individuals are elected to these special membership classes in recognition of their exceptional and sustained contributions to ornithology and to the AOS. Congratulations to our newest members of these distinguished groups!

2023 AOS Elective Members

Stepfanie M Aguillon
Jacqueline K. Augustine (née Nooker)
Antonio Celis-Murillo
Jaime A. Chaves
Alice Cibois
James A. Cox
Jeffrey M. DaCosta
Ashley A. Dayer
Alana D. Demko
Laura S. Farwell

Jennifer R. Foote
Clinton D. Francis
Benjamin G. Freeman
Zachary G. Gayk
Brendan A. Graham
Garth Herring
William E. Jensen
Vitek Jirinec
Abigail A Kimmitt
Scott A. MacDougall-Shackleton
Ann E. McKellar

Susan B. McRae
Erin S. Morrison
Henry S. Pollock
Herbert A. Raffaele
Cameron L. Rutt
Natalie V. Sánchez
Brian T. Smith
Cynthia A. Staicer
Andrew N. Stillman
Eric M. Wood

2023 AOS Fellows

Juan I. Areta
Nathan W. Cooper
William V. DeLuca
Jill L. Deppe
Kyle H. Elliott
Carla S. Fontana
Sebastian K. Herzog
Alex E. Jahn
Sarah A. Knutie

Susannah B. Lerman
Haw Chuan Lim
John (Jay) N. Mager, III
David W. Mehlman
Ryan Norris
Juan F. Ornelas
Kristina L. Paxton
Manuel A. Plenge

Luis Sandoval
James F. Saracco
Diana Stralberg
Jeffrey A. Stratford
Catherine N. Tsipoura
Scott D. Wilson
Mark S Woodrey
Theodore J. (T.J.) Zenzal

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