You’re invited: AOS Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Planning Kick-off Webinar

The American Ornithological Society (AOS) is developing a strategic plan for diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEIJ) within our Society. This plan will build on the excellent efforts of our Diversity and Inclusion Committee and will help to ensure that diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts are integrated across our entire organization. We want to hear your voices in this endeavor!

To kick off this planning process across the broader AOS, we’re inviting you to attend a free webinar, A Mindset Shift: How DEI Improves Individual and Overall Performance, hosted by Diversity Crew, the consulting group we have hired to help develop our DEIJ strategic plan. Diversity Crew partner and general diversity superstar Chris Moreland will talk about culture shifts within organizations and will give an overview of how they are approaching strategic planning with AOS. Please come with questions and ideas you may wish to share with Chris about this prospective effort. After the webinar, Diversity Crew will distribute a survey to AOS members and other stakeholders, which will be followed by intensive work with focus groups and targeted interviews.

A Mindset Shift: How DEI Improves Individual and Overall Performance
31 August 2021; 5:00 p.m. EDT
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In addition to our DEIJ strategic planning efforts, AOS is examining our pathways to leadership, reevaluating how we nominate and select award recipients, and considering how we can improve our governing documents so that we can be more transparent, inclusive, and welcoming. I look forward to communicating more about the steps AOS is taking to be a more equitable and welcoming Society.

I hope that many of you will participate in AOS’s process of improvement. The broader the participation and engagement we have in this process, the more we can ensure that we are serving and supporting the broadest community of ornithologists possible.

Judith Scarl
Executive Director and CEO

Update: A recording of this video is available to view on the AOS YouTube channel.

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