Why you should consider running for AOS Council as a graduate student

The AOS Student Affairs Committee (SAC) is excited to announce that we have a new student Council position up for election this year! Graduate students are eligible to run. This position has a two-year term.

My name is Teresa Pegan and I have served as an interim student Council member for about a year as we’ve gone through the process of formalizing this position. I’m excited to have a second student Council member joining me on Council this summer! In this post, I’m sharing some more information about why you should run!

If you are interested in running please fill out this poll to self-nominate by Monday, 21 March 2022, at 11:59 p.m. ET. 

What is the AOS Council? 

AOS Council is the body of elected AOS members who work with the Society’s executive director and president. Council is responsible for overseeing the Society, including: 1) determining the Society’s mission and purpose, 2) making sure the Society is achieving its goals, and 3) making decisions about Society finances, programs, and conferences. Council plays a huge role in leading the Society, which is why it is so exciting and important that student positions are being added! 

Why should you run for AOS Council as a graduate student?

  1. You will learn a lot about how the Society operates! By joining Council, you will become familiar with—and have a voice in—decision-making processes in the Society. You will learn all about the Society’s structure, governance, and finances. In short, you will get to know all about how the AOS works!
  2. You will provide an important perspective for the Society. As a student, you have ideas and perspectives that the Society wants to hear about! You are the future of ornithology, and we want to make sure the AOS is well placed to continue being a valuable resource for all kinds of ornithologists.
  3. You will help make decisions about the important resources that the Society provides. In my personal career as a student, I have benefited from the AOS in lots of ways: by attending conferences, applying for grants, participating in professional development opportunities, and more. Council is responsible for helping to allocate resources to all of these important programs, and as a Council member, you will be part of that process!
  4. You will get to meet and network with awesome colleagues. Other AOS Council members, AOS Executive Committee members, and AOS staff are amazing scientists who are also dedicated to helping the AOS achieve its goals. 
  5. It’s a great way to get started on a path to Society leadership. If you would like to get more involved in the AOS, this is a perfect step to take! 
  6. It’s a nice addition to the “Service” section of a CV! 

More details about running for Council are described in this poll!

Interested in service but perhaps not ready to commit to an AOS Council position? 

Consider nominating yourself for one of two open SAC co-chair positions! The SAC helps to make the AOS a better and more inclusive Society for students, and works in close coordination with fellow AOS committees and leadership. More information on these positions is also included in the form above! 


Teresa Pegan
SAC representative on AOS Council

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