Thanks to incoming and departing associate editors for Ornithological Applications

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The American Ornithological Society thanks Dr. Amanda Hale and Dr. Clark Rushing, who are departing after several years as associate editors for Ornithological Applications. Dr. Hale is a professor and graduate program director at Texas Christian University. Her research investigates many aspects of conservation biology, including the impact of wind energy on birds and bats. Dr. Rushing’s lab at the University of Georgia Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources focuses on developing quantitative methods to address questions about movement, demography, and population dynamics of migratory birds. Many authors have benefitted from their thorough and insightful reviews of manuscripts and we are grateful for their years of service.

Ornithological Applications welcomes two new associate editors. Dr. Ana Gonzalez is with the Canadian Wildlife Service, Pacific Region, and has expertise in many aspects of migration biology. Her research is facilitated by her knowledge of multiple tracking techniques and stable isotopes. Dr. Chris Lepczyk is a professor at the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences at Auburn University. His work investigates spatiotemporal issues of avian ecology and conservation. He has extensive experience in urban ornithology and working with citizen science data.

Our associate editors are critical to the success of the AOS journals and we really appreciate their contributions. Thank you, Amanda and Clark, for your years of service – and, welcome, Ana and Chris!

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