Catherine Lindell Named Editor of The Condor: Ornithological Applications


The American Ornithological Society announces the appointment of Catherine Lindell as the 15th Editor-in-Chief of The Condor: Ornithological Applications, one of two peer-reviewed journals published by AOS. Dr. Lindell is an Associate Professor of Integrative Biology at Michigan State University and an AOS Fellow. She will begin her position in 2019.

The AOS Council selected Dr. Lindell to lead the journal based on her comprehensive vision for The Condor’s future, including plans to increase interdisciplinary and international submissions to the journal and involve students in the manuscript review process, as well as her commitment to diversity and inclusiveness in scientific publishing. Dr. Lindell has conducted research with a wide network of colleagues in Latin America, a region that is currently underrepresented in AOS journals. Her research interests include the ecosystem services (and disservices) of birds in managed landscapes such as orchards.

Dr. Lindell will succeed current Editor-in-Chief Phil Stouffer, who will be stepping down after six years in the role. “I’m really pleased to have the opportunity to continue the great work of Phil Stouffer and the AOS Council,” says Dr. Lindell. “We will keep building The Condor into the go-to outlet for research from around the world on the roles birds play in and across ecosystems and their conservation and management.”

“I’m excited that Catherine Lindell will be the next Editor-in-Chief of The Condor,” says Dr. Stouffer. “Serving as editor of the journal has been a rewarding challenge for me, and I’ve been lucky to be part of a great team that takes pride in putting out the best possible product. Dr. Lindell has the experience and vision to take the journal to the next level. I’m sure she’ll do a great job.”

“We hope that Dr. Lindell’s appointment will be the beginning of an exciting new era for The Condor,” adds Kathy Martin, president of AOS. “She is especially well-positioned to increase the profile of Latin American ornithology in the journal, and AOS is confident in her ability to continue this venerable publication’s journey into the twenty-first century.”

The Condor: Ornithological Applications was first published as the Bulletin of the Cooper Ornithological Club in 1899. It became The Condor the following year, and was officially renamed The Condor: Ornithological Applications in 2014, with a new focus on applied ornithological topics such as conservation and management. In 2016, the Cooper Ornithological Society merged with the American Ornithologists’ Union to form the American Ornithological Society, which now publishes both The Condor and its sister journal The Auk. As of 2017, The Condor has the highest impact factor of any ornithology journal. Dr. Lindell will be the first woman to lead The Condor in its 120-year history.

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