Special Features in AOS Journals

Call for Proposals — Special Features

The AOS journals seek proposals for Special Features, collections of 5–8 articles that address emerging concepts or important questions of broad interest to ornithologists. AOS seeks to publish up to two Special Features annually. Articles included in a Special Feature can be published across both Ornithology and Ornithological Applications, depending on each article’s focus, and later collated as a virtual issue on the journal websites.

People interested in coordinating a Special Feature should submit a proposal including a short prospectus describing the question or topic and the expected contribution that the Special Feature will make to the broader discipline of ornithology. The proposal should also include a list of the 5–8 article titles, which are as specific as possible; proposed author(s) for each paper; a 1–2 sentence description of each article and its role in the Special Feature; and a timeline.

The coordinator(s) of a Special Feature will contact potential authors in advance, guide authors in assuring the works are in keeping with the goals of the Special Feature, assist in identifying potential reviewers, and will work to secure timely submission of manuscripts and revisions. Coordinators are encouraged to write a Perspective paper or an editorial to serve as a short introduction to the Special Feature in the virtual issue. 

Proposals can be sent to Special Feature Editor Kate Huyvaert at khuyvaert@americanornithology.org.


  • Can articles in a Special Feature be published in either journal? 
    • Yes, articles in a particular Special Feature can be published in one or both Ornithology and Ornithological Applications.
  • How will readers know that a paper is part of a Special Feature?
    • Special Feature papers will include an article header indicating that the paper is a Special Feature and the title of the topic being featured. 
  • Where can I see an example of a Special Feature article?
    • Recently published articles from the Special Feature: Advances in Neotropical Ornithology can be seen in The Condor, Volume 122, Issue 3, and The Auk, Volume 137, Issue 4.
  • Are Special Feature articles handled differently than regular submissions to the journals?
    • Special Feature articles will go through the same rigorous review and editing processes that all submissions to the AOS journals undergo. 
    • Special Feature articles are expected to adhere to the same standards of high quality, length, and focus as regular articles in the AOS journals.

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