AOS Announces New Titles for Top-Ranked Scientific Journals

Catherine Lindell, Editor-in-Chief, The Condor: Ornithological Applications
Scott Sillett, Editor-in-Chief, The Auk: Ornithological Advances

The American Ornithological Society (AOS) is excited to announce changes to the names of its two journals, both of which are among the top three journals in the field of ornithology. Beginning with the first issues in 2021, our journals will be published under the new titles Ornithology for Auk and Ornithological Applications for Condor. The new titles will carry on the tradition of excellence in avian research that was established with the first volume of Auk in 1884 and Condor in 1899.

The final issues of Auk (to be published in October) and Condor (November) are now closed for new submissions. New, accepted manuscripts will be published in Ornithology and Ornithological Applications. Journal volume numbering will continue the on-going series: the January issue of Ornithology will be volume 138 and the February issue of Ornithological Applications will be volume 123.

Both journals will continue to publish peer-reviewed papers under their new titles with the same scope of content, and AOS members will continue to receive unlimited access to the journals as a membership benefit. These new names clearly reflect the focus of each journal and are part of a broader strategy to increase the quality and international stature of AOS publications. For more information about the 18-month effort that culminated in the name changes, see will provide more details about Ornithology and Ornithological Applications in the coming weeks.  We especially wish to thank the Publications Futures Committee for their efforts, and our members, readers, authors, and reviewers for their interest, support, and confidence in our journals.

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