Thank you to our reviewers in celebration of Peer Review Week 2021

The American Ornithological Society (AOS) is proud to recognize and celebrate our reviewers this week during Peer Review Week 2021. This year’s globally celebrated theme, “Identity in Peer Review,” explores how personal and social identity factor into peer review and ways the scholarly community can develop and incorporate more diverse, equitable, and inclusive practices in peer review.

Over this past year, our volunteer reviewers forged on, dedicating their time and expertise to review papers submitted to Ornithology and Ornithological Applications. We are well aware of the hardships that the pandemic has posed and how our reviewers had to overcome them 

This week especially, we thank this vital and esteemed community of reviewers, offering our deepest gratitude for their dedication, time, and professionalism. We could not do this work without them. Quality reviews are key to ensuring that AOS journals continue to be among the most respected and trusted in ornithological science. Please note: In upcoming issues of Ornithology and Ornithological Applications, we’ll share the entire list of our reviewers for each journal, respectively.

Become a reviewer for AOS journals

If you’re interested in becoming a reviewer for AOS journals, please follow these steps:

  1. Register with Editorial Manager, the AOS journal submission site. Be sure to complete your profile information and indicate your areas of expertise; we use this information to match reviewers with papers.
  2. Notify us that you want to be considered a reviewer for our journals by completing this Google form

Steps to become a graduate student reviewer

Current a graduate students who are interested in working with an associate editor to gain experience reviewing manuscripts, please follow these steps:

  1. Interested graduate students will first need to register with Editorial Manager, the AOS journal submission site. 
  2. After registering with Editorial Manager, applicants should follow up with an email to stating that you have registered as a reviewer. 
  3. Registrants will be assigned the role of reviewer; associate editors will then be able to easily identify and invite student reviewers from the reviewer database.
  4. Graduate students who are already in our reviewer database and have provided reviews for us in the past do not need to repeat this registration process or self-identify as student reviewers. This program is designed for those students with little or no experience who want to gain more.

This is a great learning opportunity for graduate students! We will use all feedback offered to us by participants to improve the program.

Catherine A. Lindell, Editor-in-Chief, Ornithological Applications
T. Scott Sillett, Editor-in-Chief, Ornithology
Mark Penrose, Managing Editor for AOS journals

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