AOS thanks our reviewers in celebration of Peer Review Week 2020

The American Ornithological Society (AOS) is especially proud to recognize and celebrate each of the reviewers of our scientific journals this week during Peer Review Week 2020. This year’s globally celebrated theme, “Trust in Peer Review,” certainly reflects the deep respect, trust, and confidence we have in our reviewers’ dedication to producing high-quality—and highly trusted—scholarly scientific publications for AOS.

This year, the ornithological community, like the rest of the scientific world, was dramatically impacted by the unanticipated, far-reaching, and devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite school closures, lab shutdowns, postponement or discontinuation of field research, increased parenting obligations and caring for loved ones while adjusting to changing work demands, employment furloughs, and so much more, the many volunteer reviewers of AOS’s two journals remained focused and committed with their time, expertise, and care in their quality review of papers submitted to Auk (soon to be Ornithology) and Condor (soon to be Ornithological Applications). We wish to recognize our important and distinguished community of reviewers and express our deepest gratitude for their professionalism, generosity of time, and dedication to this critical role in AOS’s science communication efforts that ensures our journals are, and will continue to be, two of the most trusted in our discipline. We’re continually improving the review process through discussions with our editorial board and by providing opportunities to learn about reviewing for our student members.

Are you interested in becoming a reviewer for AOS journals? 
You’ll need to take a couple of steps. Step one, if you have not already, please go to and register. Please make sure while you’re there to fill out your profile and enter your areas of interest of expertise. We use these personal classifications to match reviewers with papers.

Step two, notify us that you want to be considered a reviewer for our journals by completing this Google form

We will then add you to our reviewer pool. That’s it! We would love to hear from you! 

Catherine A. Lindell, Editor-in-Chief, Condor
T. Scott Sillett, Editor-in-Chief, Auk

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