Ornithological Applications thanks departing editor; welcomes four new associate editors

The American Ornithological Society (AOS) thanks Dr. Ben Zuckerberg from the University of Wisconsin–Madison for his service as an associate editor for Ornithological Applications. Dr. Zuckerberg’s university lab research is focused on studying how modern climate change impacts birds and mammals.

Welcome to our four new associate editors

Dr. Esteban Botero-Delgadillo is the director of conservation science for SELVA: Research for Conservation in the Neotropics. Dr. Botero-Delgadillo studies the factors and processes that explain patterns in the distributions of populations, species, and their vulnerability to extinction. 

Dr. Page E. Klug is a supervisory research wildlife biologist from the USDA–APHIS–Wildlife Services, National Wildlife Research Center. Dr. Klug conducts bird damage research at the North Dakota Field Station.

Dr. Liliana C. Naves is the Harvest Assessment Program coordinator with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game Division of Subsistence. Dr. Naves will handle conservation social science papers submitted to the journal.

Dr. Marcus Zachariah Peery is a professor in the department of forest and wildlife ecology at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. His expertise includes conservation biology, wildlife population dynamics, and molecular ecology.

Our associate editors play a critical role in the success of the AOS journals and we are grateful for their contributions.

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