Call for Abstracts for Oral Presentations & Posters

AOS & SCO–SOC 2023

Submission Deadline Extended: 19 March 2023 at 11:59 p.m. ET

Submission form: AOS Member Portal

We invite ornithologists to present their work at the 2023 joint conference of the American Ornithological Society and Society of Canadian Ornithology–Société des ornithologistes du Canada to be held in London, Ontario, 8–12 August 2023. This in-person meeting offers a wonderful opportunity for sharing and discussing scientific research in all areas involving birds. Presentations related to the conference theme, “Birds as Bridges,” are particularly encouraged, although any subjects of broad interest in ornithology are welcome. Read more about the conference on the AOS & SCO–SOC 2023 Conference website.

By submitting an abstract, the presenting author agrees to register for the conference and to deliver the presentation if it is accepted for the scientific program. We invite submission of abstracts for consideration as either 15-minute oral presentations or poster presentations. Oral presentations are most appropriate for completed projects and poster presentations are especially appropriate for smaller, more concise projects or those in an early or intermediate stage of development; abstracts providing explicit final results are more likely to be accepted for an oral presentation than those with preliminary or ambiguous findings. Based on a blind review of submitted abstracts, the Scientific Program Committee may ask that some authors requesting an oral presentation present a poster instead. Because the number of available slots in the scientific program may be limited, we suggest that attendees plan to be the presenting author for only one contributed oral presentation. However, attendees who have been invited to present in an accepted symposium may submit a second abstract for a contributed oral presentation. We do not anticipate limiting the number of poster abstracts that a single presenting author can submit.

If you are not experienced with writing scientific abstracts, consider reading one of the many online writing guides (examples can be found here and here). In general, include 1–2 sentences of background information followed by 1–2 sentences stating the question or hypothesis to be addressed, a brief summary of the methods used, and a brief summary of the key results and interpretation. Be concise, be precise, use first person, and avoid statements that don’t convey information (e.g., “results of our analyses will be discussed”). Abstracts are limited to 1,750 characters including spaces (approximately 250 words).

LANGUAGE INFORMATION: Given the large anticipated participation of American ornithologists, the primary language for this conference will be English. However, Canada is officially a bilingual country (English and French) and presentations may be made in the presenter’s language of choice. Note that we will not have translation services at the meeting for oral presentations and cannot guarantee that the Q&A for oral presentations will be available in languages other than English but we will do our best to assign session moderators with that capability. We encourage the use of English for your slides and posters; however, if presentations are in a language other than English, bilingual slides are strongly encouraged. The information submitted, including titles and abstracts, must be provided in English for scientific programming. Later, when confirming acceptance of a talk, the presenter will have the option to provide a translation of title and abstract in the language of their choice. Note that Students wishing to compete for a Student Presentation Award are requested to present in English if possible but French or Spanish can also be accommodated. More information on the Student Presentation Awards competition, including eligibility details can be found on the AOS and SCO-SOC  websites.

All abstracts must be submitted online via the AOS Member Portal. The deadline for abstract submission has been extended to 19 March 2023 at 11:59 p.m. ET

Send questions to Emily Cohen, Erica Nol, or Steve Dinsmore co-chairs of the Scientific Program Committee (via email to spc[at], with the subject AOS & SCOSOC 2023 Abstracts.

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