City birds tend to be for the rich — and there is a historical element to this as well

By Eric Wood Related paper: Historical racial redlining and contemporary patterns of income inequality negatively affect birds, their habitat, and people in Los Angeles, California by Eric M. Wood, Sevan Esaian, Christian Benitez, Philip J. Ethington, Travis Longcore, Lars Y. Pomara. Ornithological Applications While driving around Greater Los Angeles (L.A.), one cannot help but notice …

American Ornithological Society Will Change the English Names of Bird Species Named After People

“There is power in a name, and some English bird names have associations with the past that continue to be exclusionary and harmful today,” says president. “The time has come for us to transform this process and redirect the focus to the birds, where it belongs,” says CEO.  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: CHICAGO (November …

Fighting against the rising tides: Climate change outpaces tidal marsh sparrows’ ability to adapt

Conservation practitioners need information that can help predict species’ ability to cope with rapid environmental changes in order to make management decisions. We wanted to better understand the adaptive capacity of two tidal marsh nesting sparrow species, the Saltmarsh (Ammospiza caudacutus) and Nelson’s (Ammospiza nelsoni) sparrows.

AOS 2024 Nominations and Applications Open

Nominations are now open for the American Ornithological Society’s (AOS) 2024 Council, Classes of Fellows and Elective Members, and various Society awards. You can help make the AOS stronger by participating in these important annual elections for leadership roles within our Society and by recognizing the achievements of our members.

Job Announcement: Meeting Manager

Position Description and Scope of Work  SUMMARY  The American Ornithological Society (AOS) seeks a Meeting Manager to support AOS’s Meetings Program, including our flagship event, an annual scientific meeting that attracts 800-1000 scientists from across the globe. The Meeting Manager will oversee all aspects of AOS’s Meetings Program, including managing an overall project timeline and …