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Among the many things we’ve learned throughout 2020, a few stand out with respect to the future of our profession: the importance of organizational resilience, transparency, and the building of community. We are eager to create a welcoming and dynamic exchange among our members. Please join us on Wednesday, 9 December, 5:00–6:00 p.m. (Eastern) online for our first quarterly AOS Community Forum. This will be the first in a series of structured virtual forums designed to open up dialogue, to promote connections, to solicit ideas and concepts for increasing the relevance of the AOS to its members, and to exchange views on priorities for building and supporting our community.

Looking ahead to 2021, AOS leaders—members of Council and committee chairs and members—have sparked critical discussions, asked many questions, and engaged with our diverse community to identify ways your Society can be most relevant and valuable in supporting members who most need it right now. We’ve been listening intently since the global pandemic upended our lives in March. We’re aware of the myriad ways it has altered how we work, network, mentor, and advance professionally, and how it has disrupted academic journeys and career pathways for the foreseeable future.  

In response, Council has recently developed and approved a budget that includes significant funds for those whose research and careers have been deeply affected by the pandemic, particularly those at early career stages. In the near future we will be announcing new grant programs and other initiatives that will be supported by these COVID-relief funds.

By understanding your professional needs, and by creating relevant, mission-based programs to meet those needs, we are able to advance the scientific understanding of birds, enrich ornithology as a profession, and promote a rigorous scientific basis for the conservation of birds. It is what we do!

We look forward to “seeing you” at next week’s webinar-style Forum.

Register now for the AOS Community Forum. The forum is designed to be a welcoming and safe webinar environment. 

Thank you for being a member of AOS!

Mike Webster, President
Colleen Handel, President-Elect

NOTE: By registering, participants in this webinar agree to abide by the AOS Code of Professional Conduct.

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