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Join us on 24 March!

We hope you’ll join us online on Wednesday, 24 March at 5:00 p.m. (EDT) for our next quarterly AOS Community Forum, which we look forward to hosting. For this webinar, we’ve invited the leaders of the Society’s various funding programs designed to support, recognize, and advance the careers of our student, postdoc, and early professional members to describe the goals of these programs, how their committees work, and how these programs benefit members early in their professional journey. Participants will also have opportunities to ask questions and share comments with presenters and panelists. 

These quarterly Forums are an opportunity for AOS members to get involved, share ideas, and guide our work in critical areas, helping us better understand what you need and expect from your Society. Yes, the topic of next week’s forum was suggested by participants in our inaugural Forum in December, where we discussed challenges and possible supports to help our student and early professional members who were facing COVID-related disruptions to their education and careers. Since then, AOS has developed a suite of new supports for our student and early professional members to bridge gaps in research funding, subsidize Society membership, and help students and early professionals gain critical skills through career development workshops and networking opportunities hosted by our Early Professional and Student Affairs committees. 

We hope that these Forums will lead to innovations on how we deliver on our mission to advance ornithology and support ornithologists. We are excited about this new era of transparency, engagement, openness, and growth for AOS! It is our goal, always, to provide you with an outstanding professional home. 

Our Community Forum is designed to be a welcoming and safe environment, knowing that we’re both united and strengthened by our diversity. Please join us if the topic is of interest to you!


We look forward to “seeing you” at next week’s Forum! 

Mike Webster, President
Colleen Handel, President-Elect

NOTE: By registering, participants in this webinar agree to abide by the AOS Virtual Meeting/Event Code of Conduct.

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