Bird scientists flock to London, Ontario, to share the knowledge and passion for birds

This year, North America’s largest ornithology conference is taking place at RBC Place in London, Ontario, August 8–12, 2023


LONDON, ONTARIO, CANADA — August 1, 2023 — More than 750 of the world’s leading bird experts and bird conservation practitioners are meeting in London, Ontario, from August 8–12 to take part in the 2023 joint American Ornithological Society (AOS) and Society of Canadian Ornithologists Société des ornithologistes du Canada (SCO–SOC)  joint conference (Home – AOS & SCO-SOC 2023 ( The conference theme, “Birds as Bridges,” highlights the many ways in which birds connect us all. The word “bridge” also reflects a joint Society commitment to the shared values of Belonging, Respect, Inclusion, Diversity, Growth, and Equity in the science of ornithology. As a nod to London, the provincially recognized Blackfriars Bridge features prominently in the conference logo design. 

Following a landmark study in 2019 that found that we have lost 2.9 billion birds in North America since 1970, research on birds is more important than ever. This premier scientific event features compelling plenary speakers, workshops, roundtable discussions, and more than 600 scientific talks and posters. Several events are also open to the public including a special presentation on Indigenous reconciliation, a public presentation about birds from Birds Canada, and a movie night. “I am thrilled to help organize this meeting in London, Ontario,” says Dr. Greg Mitchell, co-chair of the organizing committee and a federal researcher who grew up in Southwest London. “I am excited to share the city and the Lake Erie and Lake Huron shorelines with conference participants, and help provide a venue for people to share their passion about their avian research.”

Other notable highlights include a special panel on perspectives on birding and ornithology from Deaf and hard-of-hearing ornithologists; seven amazing plenary talks; workshop and training opportunities; and a 5 km fun walk and run that is open to the public.

Plenary speakers include:

  • Dr. Bridget Stutchbury ( speaking about migration in a rapidly declining migratory songbird
  • Dr. Keith Hobson ( speaking about his research using naturally occurring chemical signatures in bird feathers to understand where birds in North America spend the winter in the tropics
  • Dr. Sara Lipshutz (; AOS early-career research award winner) speaking about competition in female birds
  • Dr. Glaucia Del-Rio (; AOS early-career research award winner) speaking about how birds become new species
  • Dr. Carrie Branch (; AOS early-career research award winner) speaking about cognition in female birds
  • Dr. Leanne Grieves (; SCO-SOC early-career research award winner) speaking about chemical and microbial ecology in birds
  • Dr. Emily Choy (; SCO-SOC early-career research award winner) speaking about the challenges arctic birds are facing with climate change

The Societies take the health and welfare of conference participants and the public very seriously, and have a number of measures in place to make the meeting as safe as possible, which are discussed in detail in the conference’s COVID-19 recommendations and policies.


About the Societies: The American Ornithological Society and the Society for Canadian Ornithologists – Société des ornithologistes du Canada are non-profit organizations working to advance the study of birds across North and South America and the Caribbean. Both Societies oversee scientific publications, help ornithologists connect through meetings, and provide research and achievement awards to professionals and students.

Contact for Further Information: Science journalists interested in covering research presented at the American Ornithological Society & the Society of Canadian Ornithologists/Société des ornithologistes du Canada (SCO–SOC) joint conference in London, Ontario, Canada, from August 8–12, 2023, may request gratis registration. Please complete the form on this web page to request a free press pass.

Press Contacts 

Greg Mitchell, AOS & SCO–SOC Meeting Co-chair,  
Christine Handel Schmidt, AOS Communications Manager,


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