2020 Schreiber Award Winner: Jaime Collazo

Over the course of this spring and summer, we’re highlighting all of the previously announced recipients of this year’s AOS awards on the blog. This week, the 2020 Ralph W. Schreiber Conservation Award.

The Ralph W. Schreiber Conservation Award, established in 2005, recognizes extraordinary scientific contributions to the conservation, restoration, or preservation of birds and/or their habitats by an individual or small team. The award honors Ralph Schreiber, a prominent figure in American ornithology known for his enthusiasm, energy, and dedication to research and conservation. The award consists of a framed certificate, an honorarium, and an original painting of the awardee’s primary study species. This year, the Ralph W. Schreiber Award goes to Dr. Jaime Collazo.

Dr. Collazo is a Professor of Wildlife Ecology and the Assistant Unit Leader for the U.S. Geological Survey’s North Carolina Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit at North Carolina State University. A native of Puerto Rico, Dr. Collazo has worked on a broad range of studies of Puerto Rican birds, including migratory shorebirds and wading birds, the ecology of frugivorous species, and focal studies on species of conservation concern such as Puerto Rican Parrots. His publications include studies of management actions for parrots and the effects of coffee plantations on avian communities. Dr. Collazo’s research played an important role in the efforts leading up to the protection of the Cabo Rojo salt flats, and he has frequently helped mitigate illegal local activities through his work with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Regional Directors and other law enforcement officials. Dr. Collazo’s incredible rapport with people has allowed him to be a highly effective advocate for conservation in Puerto Rico.

Over the course of his career, Dr. Collazo has played a central role in developing new conservation efforts in Puerto Rico, and he remains highly dedicated in his role training and mentoring Puerto Rican students in conservation. He provides high school and university students with classes and field training to help jumpstart their careers, which has provided an ongoing foundation for conservation efforts.

In recognition of these contributions to avian conservation, AOS is pleased to name Jaime Collazo as the 2020 recipient of the Ralph W. Schreiber Conservation Award.



  1. Congratulations Jaime. They forgot to mention your earlier work on the Brown Pelican and its conservation, which also makes ties to our mutual friend of the Ralph Schreiber Award even more interesting. Nice work.

    Dan Anderson

    1. Thanks Dan! Oh yes, seabirds were very much part of my early work, and pelicans at the core of it. Hope you are doing well! Stay safe! Saludos Jaime

  2. Congratulations Jaime, our dad would have been very proud of your success and great contribution to our beloved island of Puerto Rico!
    I am proud of you too! Incredible work! Love, your sister, Leticita.

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