Calendar Year Donors

The American Ornithological Society thanks our generous donors and contributing members from calendar year 2019. (*=deceased)

Contributing Members

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Liana Y. Zanette
Scott M. Lanyon
Melanie Wirtanen
Patricia A. McGill
Sandra Talbot

Perpetual Guarantor

$250,000 or more

Brina Kessel*



Cyndy and Scott Lanyon



Joel Cracraft
Ken Dial
Ricky Dunn
David Ewert
John Fitzpatrick
Frank Gill
James A. Kushlan
Melinda & Stephen Pruett-Jones
John Rotenberry
Stephen & Ruth Russell
Doris L. Weller
Joe Wunderle

Silver Donor


Christopher N. Balakrishnan
Frank D. Bumgardner
Julia Clarke
Peter O. Dunn & Linda Whittingham
Richard Engstrom
Millicent S. Ficken
Sharon Gill
Colleen M. Handel
John Harshman
Catherine H. Jacobs
Andrew W. Jones
Ellen D. Ketterson
Barbara E. Kus
Catherine Lindell
Peter E. Lowther

Robert G. Muller
Thane K. Pratt
Terrell D. Rich
Robert E. Ricklefs
M.J. Schuetz Jr.
Thomas Sherry
Jose Maria Cardosa da Silva
Michael D. Sorenson
Christopher Swarth
Theresa L. Tibbitts
Deborah Turski
Michael S. Webster
Genie & Nat Wheelwright
David Willard
Lisa D. Yntema


Up to $100

Gregory F. Ball
Alice Boyle
Roberto B. Cavalcanti
Robert G. Clark
Jeffrey A. Cox
James P. Dean
Alice Deutsch
Scott V. Edwards
Todd Engstrom
Stephen E. Gast
James E. Goetz
Joseph A. Grzybowski
John H. Harris
Karen A. Havlena
James Hays
Fritz Hertel
Wesley M. Hochachka
Kenn Kaufman
Martim Melo
Doug Phillips
Christin L. Pruett
Lisa Reed
Bryan Reiley
Jeremy D. Ross
Daniel R. Ruthrauff
Stanley E. Senner
John A. Sproul
Jennifer M. White
John C. Wingfield
Frank G. Witebsky
Christopher Witt

Lifetime Donors

Here we acknowledge lifetime giving at the Patron level and above, with our deepest gratitude. (*=deceased)

Perpetual Guarantor

$250,000 or more

Charles R. Blake*
Beecher S. Bowdish*
Werner Hesse* and Hildegard Hesse*
Brina C. Kessel*
Marion Jenkinson Mengel* and Robert M. Mengel*
Marsha Brady Tucker*



Wallace C. Dayton*
Christian Goetz*
Frances L. Sibley
Eleanor H. Stickney*



Donald Bleitz*
Herbert Carnes*
Betty Carnes*
Carla Cicero
Wilbur Yocum Gary*
Mark E. Hauber
Karl W. Kenyon
James* and Jean Macaleer
Chandler Robbins*
James Savage*
Robert W. Storer*
Alexander Wetmore*
Beatrice Wetmore*



Robert B. Berry
Walter Bock
Howard P. Brokaw*
Alan H. Brush
Theresa L. Bucher (Lulu May Lloyd Von Hagen Foundation)
Nicholas E.* and Elsie C. Collias*
Charles T. and Patricia H. Collins
Kendall W. Corbin
John E. Du Pont*
Frank B. Gill
Robert G. Goelet
Wayne Hoffman
C. Stuart Houston
Mrs. B. Brewster Jennings*
Cyndy & Scott Lanyon
Wesley E. Lanyon*
Richard Marrus
Mary Victoria McDonald
Deane McGurk
William H. Pugh
Stephen M. and Ruth Ogden Russell
Elizabeth A. Schreiber and Ralph W. Schreiber*
Peter Stettenheim*
Harrison B. Tordoff*
Jared Verner
George M. Wickstrom
Sartor O. Williams, III
Glen E. Woolfenden* and Janet A. Woolfenden

From the field

Congratulations to all of the recipients of this year's AOS awards! Our annual awards honor members for their research and volunteer work. The work of the 2020 awardees spans a diversity of ornithological disciplines from genetics to landscape ecology in a range of habitats around the world, as well as invaluable service to AOS and ornithology. This year’s slate of awardees represents just a small sample of the broad diversity of our members and the contributions they are making to the scientific study and conservation of birds. Learn more about all of them at the link in our profile! #ornithology #science #biologyThe charismatic Euphonia and Chlorophonia finches are small, colorful birds that inhabit forests and woodlands from Mexico to Brazil as well as much of the Caribbean, and how exactly they fit into the songbird family tree has been debated for 20 years. The researchers behind a paper recently published in The Auk used tissue specimens and study skins from every species in this group to generate 40 *billion* base pairs of sequence data, including nearly 5,000 loci from the nuclear genome and near-complete mitochondrial genomes for every species. This amazing dataset shows has helped resolve their relationships once and for all. It also suggests that this group likely dispersed from South America into the Caribbean and North America multiple times between 2 and 4 million years ago, lending support to a younger geological timeframe for the formation of the Isthmus of Panama than argued by some other recent studies. Photos by Daniel J. Field (University of Cambridge) and Tyler Imfeld. #ornithology #science #birds #wildlife #neotropicalbirds #taxonomy #biology #finchesOne final #NationalVolunteerWeek post! Meet Rebecca Kimball, longtime AOS volunteer and Treasurer of the society since 2015, one of the leaders helping shape AOS's future. We hope you've enjoyed celebrating Volunteer Week with us!Today for #NationalVolunteerWeek we're featuring Brian Peer, who's given his time to chair the AOS Research Awards Committee for the past eight years, leading the group that evaluates applications for Student Research Awards. Thank you, Brian!AOS is celebrating #NationalVolunteerWeek! Today, meet Kyle Horton, who volunteered his time to judge student presentations at last summer's AOS meeting in Anchorage, Alaska.Today for #NationalVolunteerWeek, meet Lori Hargrove! Lori works at the San Diego Natural History Museum and is a regular reviewer for AOS journal The Condor. Scholarly journals can't function without reviewers like Lori, who volunteer their time to read and assess the papers that are submitted.We're celebrating #NationalVolunteerWeek! AOS couldn't function without the many members who volunteer their time to assist with our meetings, publications, awards, and other programs, and we'll be introducing you to one of those volunteers every day this week. Today, meet Juita Martinez, a PhD student who helped staff the registration desk at last year's annual AOS meeting in Anchorage, Alaska!
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