Migratory songbirds are not likely to show fidelity to molting sites

By Jared Wolfe Linked paper: Effects of breeding and molt activity on songbird site fidelity by Luiza Figueira, Pedro Martins, C. John Ralph, Jaime L. Stephens, John D. Alexander, and Jared D. Wolfe, The Auk: Ornithological Advances When playing at home, sports teams usually benefit from home-field advantage. A similar advantage exists among migratory birds that return to the same …

Stay-At-Home Field Ornithology

What do you do when you have to teach field ornithology during a lockdown? This is the dilemma that I shared with many college instructors this spring.

Three Things You Should Know About Population Estimation

Population size estimation is experiencing a bit of a renaissance, due in no small part to the recent “three billion birds lost” paper by Rosenberg et al.