Seeking Papers: Conservation Social Science Informs Bird Conservation Efforts

By Catherine Lindell, Editor-in-Chief, The Condor: Ornithological Applications The editorial staff of The Condor: Ornithological Applications invites authors to consider the journal for their conservation social science papers that focus on birds. The journal, soon to be renamed Ornithological Applications, publishes articles that advance the conservation and management of birds. Few articles to date have …

Migratory songbirds are not likely to show fidelity to molting sites

By Jared Wolfe Linked paper: Effects of breeding and molt activity on songbird site fidelity by Luiza Figueira, Pedro Martins, C. John Ralph, Jaime L. Stephens, John D. Alexander, and Jared D. Wolfe, The Auk: Ornithological Advances When playing at home, sports teams usually benefit from home-field advantage. A similar advantage exists among migratory birds that return to the same …

Stay-At-Home Field Ornithology

What do you do when you have to teach field ornithology during a lockdown? This is the dilemma that I shared with many college instructors this spring.

Three Things You Should Know About Population Estimation

Population size estimation is experiencing a bit of a renaissance, due in no small part to the recent “three billion birds lost” paper by Rosenberg et al.