ralph schreiber, aos award namesake

The AOS Schreiber Award honors extraordinary conservation-related scientific contributions by an individual or small team. The award is named for Ralph Schreiber, a prominent figure in American ornithology known for his enthusiasm, energy, and dedication to research and conservation, particularly of seabirds.

Contributions from throughout the world and over any time course are eligible for this award, which consists of a framed certificate and an honorarium. Activities may include: applied research, restoration, and educational actions that conserve birds, or preserve significant bird habitats; scientific examination of the principles of avian conservation and application of new insights into species restoration; and/or scientific evaluation, guidance, creation, and oversight of avian recovery programs or habitat reserve/restoration programs. All award nominees are expected to have a high standard of ethical and social behavior that is strongly aligned with the AOS Code of Conduct & Ethics.

Schreiber Award Nomination Guidelines

Nominations are currently closed for the AOS Ralph W. Schreiber Conservation Award.

Nominations must be made through the AOS Member Portal.

Before submitting a nomination, please review the lists of previous recipients below. In recognition of the large number of ornithologists making outstanding contributions to our science, the AOS Council recommends that the Schreiber Award not be conferred upon the same individual more than once in their lifetime.

Generally an individual is expected to receive only one senior Award. However, since the Miller Award recognizes lifetime achievement in ornithological research, it is possible for an individual to receive a Miller Award after receiving a Schreiber or one of the other AOS senior awards, ideally only after an extended period of time since receiving one of the other Senior Awards. An individual nominee for the Schreiber Award must be a member of AOS at the time of nomination; in the case of a team nomination, at least one member of the team must be a member of the society at the time of their nomination.

Submit a Nomination

Nominations for AOS Conservation Awards are currently closed. Nominations must be submitted through the AOS Member Portal.

  • The page linked above will direct you to a login screen. If you have previously created an account in our Member Portal, enter your user name and password. After logging in, you will be redirected to the Senior Professional Award nomination page.
  • If you have not previously created an account, click Register Now on the lower right to set up your profile.

To submit a nomination for the Schreiber Award, you will need to upload 1) a written summary (no more than 2 pages) describing the nominee’s contributions to ornithology and why they should be recognized with the award, and 2) a current CV of the nominee.

Previous Schreiber Award Recipients

2014   Stephen Kress
2013   Sheila Conant
2012   Paul A. Johnsgard
2011   Robert S. Ridgely
2010   Northern Spotted Owl Long-Term Demography Research Team: Robert G. Anthony, Lowell V. Diller, Eric D. Forsman, Alan B. Franklin, Ralph J. Guttierrez, Dale R. Herter, J. Mark Higley, Joseph B. Lint, Charles Meslow
2009   Scott R. Derrickson
2008   Daniel W. Anderson
2007   Carl E. Bock and Jane H. Bock
2006   J. Michael Scott
2005   Thomas E. Lovejoy III