marion jenkinson, namesake of award

The Jenkinson Award is given to an early- or mid-career ornithologist who has performed continued extensive service to AOS, including holding elected offices but emphasizing volunteer contributions and committee participation. The award consists of a framed certificate and honors Marion Jenkinson Mengel, who served the American Ornithologists’ Union as Treasurer and in other capacities for many years. All award nominees are expected to have a high standard of ethical and social behavior that is strongly aligned with the AOS Code of Conduct & Ethics.

Submit a Nomination for the Jenkinson Award

Nominations for AOS Service Awards are currently closed.

Nominations must be submitted through our online Member Portal.

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To submit a nomination for the Jenkinson Award, you will need to upload a written summary describing why the nominee should be recognized with the award.

Previous Winners

2023   James Rivers
2022   Erin Morrison
2021   Sara Kaiser
2020   Mike Butler
2019   Alice Boyle
2018   Nick Mason
2017   Erica H. Dunn
2016   James Herkert
2015   Thomas Martin
2014   Sara Morris
2013   Spencer Sealy
2012   Alan Brush
2011   John W. Fitzpatrick
2010   Frank B. Gill
2009   M. Ross Lein

2008   Cheryl L. Trine
2007   Jay M. Sheppard
2006   Howard P. Brokaw
2005   Kimberly G. Smith
2004   C. Stuart Houston
2003   Peter Stettenheim
2002   Peter E. Lowther
2001   Ned K. Johnson
2000   James P. Dean
1999   Max C. Thompson
1998   Richard C. Banks
1997   No Award
1996   Glen E. Woolfenden