AOS shares Society news and promotes ornithology in general and the activities of our members in particular The American Ornithological Society (AOS) shares society news and promotes ornithology in general and the activities of our members, primarily through Twitter (@AmOrnith), Facebook (@AmOrnith) and Instagram (@AmOrnith) accounts, but sometimes through other platforms, such as YouTube or blogs. AOS social media activities are organized and coordinated by an individual (or individuals) designated by the AOS Executive Director (e.g., Communications Manager). Specific policies relating to these activities can be found in greater detail, below.

Research Sharing

AOS may share published, open-access research, and other publicly available items via our social media platforms without seeking consent from the authors. AOS members wishing to have specific work or content of theirs promoted via AOS social media platforms are encouraged to contact AOS via platform-specific direct message or via email at

Account Following

Following of other accounts on social media reflects the multiple goals of the Society’s social media activity, including sharing news, promoting ornithology, and connecting with membership and affiliated peer groups. On all social media platforms, who to “follow” is at the discretion of the Communications Manager; however, the Society aims to follow AOS members, non-members who use their accounts professionally in the context of ornithology, and organizations with aligned missions. Members wishing to be followed should be sure to include their social media information in their AOS account (; select My Account / Edit Profile). Requests to be followed can also be made by Direct Message (within platform) or via email ( Note that following by AOS does not indicate endorsement of content and is not guaranteed.

AOS reserves the right to unfollow or block accounts. Reasons for unfollowing or blocking may include, but are not strictly limited to: violation of a given platform’s stated rules and policies, including harassment and threats of violence; and violations (on- or off-line) of AOS’s Code of Conduct and Ethics. Extended and egregious provocation (e.g., abusive direct messages) may also induce unfollowing.

Who is posting?

AOS social media accounts only feature content approved and/or created by the Communications Manager, or pre-appointed ‘guest’ accounts for AOS members (e.g., ‘takeover’ events). Posts by guest users will be clearly marked as such, and content will be moderated by the Communications Manager to ensure compliance with guidelines for guest users.


We encourage participation from all in conversations on AOS’s social media platforms, including blog posts. In particular, AOS encourages its members to participate on its social media platforms, and the goal of this policy is to facilitate a lively and respectful conversation about science, professional development, and ornithology. AOS reserves the right to delete or hide comments (as appropriate, per platform) that could be constituted as spam (i.e., content that is irrelevant to the conversation), or which violate the AOS Code of Conduct and Ethics.

Conduct over Social Media

Potential violations of AOS’s Code of Conduct and Ethics by AOS members should be reported promptly and will be reviewed by the AOS Ethics Committee or their designee. Victims of, witnesses to, as well as individuals made aware of an alleged violation, may bring a Complaint. The Ethics Committee is dedicated to treating every incident with respect, sensitivity, and dignity. For complete information on the procedures for filing a Complaint, the Evaluation and Investigation Process, and procedures for Disciplinary Action (including and restorative practice and other community-building options) and Appeals, please refer to the AOS Code of Conduct and Ethics. Online activities by members that violate the Code of Conduct and Ethics may result in disciplinary action as described in the Code, up to and including termination of AOS membership.

Approved by AOS Council 18 January 2022