An AOS student member bands a bird.

AOS provides many opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students in ornithology! As an AOS Student Member, you can:

If you have not previously been an AOS member, you may also be eligible to apply for a year of free membership via a Student Membership Award. AOS is a diverse, global network of empowered professionals, working together to advance the scientific study and conservation of birds—join us today!

Upcoming Events

4 December 2020:  Meet Your Peers | LEARN MORE & REGISTER

Students will have opportunities to collaborate, build community, and access professional development opportunities in a new series of monthly Zoom networking events developed by the AOS Student Affairs Committee. In the first “Meet Your Peers” event, participants are invited to design one slide introducing yourself, your research, and your professional interests as a way for us all to to learn about the student body that makes up AOS. You’ll also have an opportunity to weigh in on skill-share events that we’ve identified for 2021, building a safe space within AOS to share information about your professional development needs across a range of topics, from software workshops to providing effective feedback in project reviews!

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