An AOS student member bands a bird.

AOS provides many opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students in ornithology! As an AOS Student Member, you can:

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Student Affairs Committee (SAC) Webinar Series

Bookmark this page for upcoming event announcements. Our professional development events are open to current AOS members. You can join or renew your membership in the new AOS Member Portal. AOS is committed to supporting students and postdocs impacted by COVID-19. If the cost of membership is a financial barrier for you at this time, please enter the code 22CRELIEF at checkout to receive a 25% discount on your membership renewal. This code applies to pre-college, undergraduate, graduate, and postdoc membership purchases.

SAC Webinar Series Subcommittee
Maina Handmaker, Teresa Pegan, Vijay Ramesh, José Ramírez-Garofalo, and Jennifer Uehling


Check back for details on our next professional development webinar.


Webinar: Design Principals for Making Publication-Ready Figures (view video at link)

Dr. Stepfanie Aguillon, Stanford Science Fellow and winner of the 2022 James G. Cooper Early Professional Award, led this workshop. From Stepfanie: “Figures are arguably the most important part of any manuscript or presentation, so it is vital that your audience can easily understand the messages you’re trying to convey. This workshop focused on the basic design principles that will help you communicate as clearly, accurately, and efficiently as possible in your figures.” Learn more about making effective figures – just in time for planning your presentation for the AOS & BC 2022 Conference in June!

Webinar: How to Review Manuscripts for AOS Journals (view video at link)
This webinar, held on 23 February 2022, focused on strategies for reviewing manuscripts for the AOS journals, Ornithology and Ornithological Applications. Our event featured a panel discussion with the current journal editors, who offered advice on how students can become reviewers for AOS’s ornithological journals and how to review manuscripts in a critical but helpful manner for the authors.

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