brina kessel, aos award namesake

The AOS Kessel Award recognizes the most outstanding article by a single or multiple authors published in Ornithology (formerly The Auk) over the preceding two-year period. The award is made in even-numbered years to complement the Painton Award, which is given in odd-numbered years for the best paper published in Ornithological Applications during the preceding two-year period. It consist of a $1,500 cash prize. It is given in honor of Brina Kessel, former President of the AOU (1992-94) and beloved leader and mentor in ornithology. All award nominees are expected to have a high standard of ethical and social behavior that is strongly aligned with the AOS Code of Conduct & Ethics.

Note: In its inaugural year, AOS extended eligibility for the Kessel Award to papers published in the preceding four-year period.

Previous Kessel Award Winners

2022Benjamin M. Winger and Teresa M. Pegan. 2021. Migration distance is a fundamental axis of the slow-fast continuum of life history in boreal birds. Ornithology 138: 1-18.
2020Corey E. Tarwater, Ryan R. Germain, & Peter Arcese. 2018. Examination of context-dependent effects of natal traits on lifetime reproductive success using a long-term study of a temperate songbird. Auk 135: 609-621.
2018F. Keith Barker, Kevin J. Burns, John Klicka, Scott M. Lanyon, & Irby J. Lovette. 2015. New insights into New World biogeography: An integrated view from the phylogeny of blackbirds, cardinals, sparrows, tanagers, warblers, and allies. Auk 132: 333-348.