Although the American Ornithological Society (AOS) is a scientific society, our role extends beyond science and research. Part of our mission is to enrich ornithology as a profession, and a key component of this is creating a strong and inclusive community that welcomes, supports, and celebrates a broad diversity of individuals. Beyond showcasing our members’ science, we also support a strong community by celebrating our members as individuals, each with our own strengths, challenges, backgrounds, and special interests.

Our “Faces of AOS” series highlights the broad spectrum of AOS members, provides opportunities for recognition and connection, and personalizes the field of ornithology. Each month, we will showcase one of our AOS members and learn about their goals, their interests, and a fun fact or two! Check out Jarome Ali’s profile—Jarome was selected as our inaugural profile for the “Faces of AOS” series.

Faces of AOS Profiles

Man looking at colorful bird specimens
February 2023 Profile
Jarome Ali examining museum specimens to be used for collecting color data (with a camera and/or spectrophotometer).