Revealing the evolutionary enigmas of the song of a neotropical rainforest bird on the Brazilian coast

By Adriana Acero and Marcos Maldonado-Coelho Linked Paper: Ecological and evolutionary drivers of geographic variation in songs of a Neotropical suboscine bird: The Drab-breasted Bamboo Tyrant (Hemitriccus diops, Rhynchocyclidae), by Adriana Carolina Acero-Murcia, Fábio Raposo do Amaral, Fábio C. de Barros, Tiago da Silva Ribeiro, Cristina Y. Miyaki, Marcos Maldonado-Coelho, Ornithology. Who has ever wondered …

What’s So Special About Neotropical Insectivores?

We can be easily overwhelmed by the biological complexity of the tropics; visitors understandably flock to the eye-candy, the dancing manakins, colorful tanagers and quetzals in fruiting trees, and the hummingbirds visiting vibrant tropical flowers.