Any member of the ornithological community may submit a proposal for consideration by the North American Classification Committee (NACC). Proposals should detail taxonomic, nomenclatural, or distributional recommendations for revision. Submission of a proposal does not guarantee acceptance. Proposals are reviewed by the Committee and must receive a majority two-thirds vote to pass. Proposals not accepted by the Committee may be resubmitted in revised form if substantive new evidence warrants further review.

A proposal to the NACC should adhere to the following guidelines to standardize the information presented:

  • Title of proposal
  • Background, including a description of the problem and prior classification or nomenclatural history
  • New information, including citations, that warrants review and possible revision
  • Recommendation, including changes in wording to Check-list
  • Literature cited
  • Name and affiliation of submitter
  • Date of proposal

Submit proposals electronically to Dr. Terry Chesser, Committee Chair, preferably as a Word document. Download a template here.