Proposals 2007-A

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  • 2007-A-1: Parentheses in Aimophila names – PASSED
  • 2007-A-2: Technical Corrections – PASSED
  • 2007-A-3: Adoption of IOC guidelines on English names – FAILED
  • 2007-A-4: Split Anas zonorhyncha from A. poecilorhyncha – PASSED
  • 2007-A-5: Remove parvus from Hemignathus to Magumma – PASSED
  • 2007-A-6: Separate Pelecanus thagus from P. occidentalis (SACC #271) – PASSED
  • 2007-A-7: Transfer Piculus rubiginosus and P. auricularis from Piculus to Colaptes (SACC #265) – PASSED
  • 2007-A-8: Transfer Veniliornis fumigatus to Picoides (SACC #263) – FAILED
  • 2007-A-9: Split Conopias parvus from C. albovittatus (SACC #251) – PASSED
  • 2007-A-10: Change classification of the Formicariidae (SACC #235)
    • (a) Restrict Formicariidae to Formicarius and Chamaeza – PASSED
    • (b) Change Formicariidae include Formicarius, Chamaeza, and tapaculos – FAILED
    • (c) Accept family Grallariidae – PASSED
    • (d) Place Pittasoma in Conopophagidae – PASSED
    • (e) Erect family Pittasomidae – FAILED

Proposals 2007-B

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  • 2007-B-1: Recognize Larus smithsonianus as a species – FAILED
  • 2007-B-2: Recognize Larus vegae as a species – FAILED
  • 2007-B-3: Adopt reclassification of Laridae by Pons et al. (2004), incl. generic limits (also see SACC #250) – PASSED*
  • 2007-B-4: Recognize Chondrohierax of Cuba as a species – FAILED

* Partial pass – Most committee members favor continued recognition of Rhodostethia, and some members suggest a different linear sequence from that in the proposal. For this reason, a new set of proposals was submitted for consideration by the Committee (2007-E-1a through 2007-E-1d).

Proposals 2007-C

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  • 2007-C-1: Change Colibri from Violet-ear to Violetear (SACC #199) – PASSED
  • 2007-C-2: Resurrect Helicolestes for the Slender-billed Kite (SACC #201) – PASSED
  • 2007-C-3: Split Gypopsitta from Pionopsitta (SACC #212) – PASSED*
  • 2007-C-4: Change English name of Brotogeris versicolurus from White-winged to Canary-winged Parakeet (SACC # 224) – FAILED**
  • 2007-C-5: Sequence of genera and subfamilies in Furnariidae (SACC #272) – PASSED
  • 2007-C-6: Recognize the genus Epinecrophylla (Thamnophilidae) (SACC #275) – PASSED
  • 2007-C-7: Change linear sequence of forest Tinamidae genera (SACC #237–238) – PASSED
  • 2007-C-8: Change English names of several Turdus from “Robin” to “Thrush” (SACC #260) – PASSED
  • 2007-C-9: Split Icterus icterus into three species (SACC #288) – PASSED
  • 2007-C-10: Change name of Chlorothraupis carmioli from “Olive Tanager” to “Carmiol’s Tanager” – PASSED
  • 2007-C-11: Change English name of Microbates cinereiventris from “Tawny-faced Gnatwren” to “Half-collared Gnatwren” – FAILED
  • 2007-C-12: Treat Nonnula frontalis as a separate species from N. ruficapilla – PASSED
  • 2007-C-13: Recognize sister relationship between Podicipediformes and Phoenicopteriformes (SACC #274) – PASSED
  • 2007-C-14: Separate Pionopsitta coccinicollaris from P. haematotis (SACC #349) – FAILED

* See comments re: nomenclatural issue.
** Since this proposal was submitted, a new proposal to go back to White-winged has been submitted to the SACC (#307)

Proposals 2007-D

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  • 2007-D-1: Move Sapayoa aenigma to Eurylaimidae – PASSED
  • 2007-D-2: Split Icterus spurius  into two species – FAILED
  • 2007-D-3: Resurrect the genus Rupornis for the Roadside Hawk – FAILED
  • 2007-D-4: Separate Caribbean and European Flamingos – PASSED
  • 2007-D-5: Treat Buteogallus subtilis as a subspecies of B. anthracinus (SACC #294) – PASSED
  • 2007-D-6: Change English name of Cnipodectes to Twistwing (SACC #298) – PASSED
  • 2007-D-7: Lump the genera ArremonBuarremon, and Lysurus in an expanded genus Arrremon (SACC #289) – PASSED
  • 2007-D-8: Change linear sequence in Tangara (SACC #291) – PASSED
  • 2007-D-9: Change English name of Gallinula chloropus back from “Common Moorhen” to “Common Gallinule” – FAILED
  • 2007-D-10: Add Pallas’s Warbler (Phylloscopus proregulus) – PASSED

Proposals 2007-E

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  • 2007-E-1a: Disperse AOU taxa currently in Larus into four genera – PASSED
  • 2007-E-1b: Merge Rhodostethia into Hydrocoloeus – FAILED
  • 2007-E-1c: Rearrange the species order within Leucophaeus and Larus (sensu stricto) to reflect the relationships in Pons, except for the “distal white-headed group” – PASSED
  • 2007-E-1d: Rearrange the order of genera within the Larinae to reflect the “primitive-derived” relationships in Pons Fig. 1 – PASSED
  • 2007-E-2: Put the Old World and New World species of Carpodacus in different genera – FAILED
  • 2007-E-3: Change English name of Goethalsia bella (SACC #304) – PASSED
  • 2007-E-4: Move Swallow-tailed Gull from pg. 692-693 of the Appendix to the main list – PASSED
  • 2007-E-5: Add Gray Heron (Ardea cinera) to the North American List (both for Canada and the U.S.) – PASSED
  • 2007-E-6: Add Loggerhead Kingbird (Tyrannus caudifasciatus) to US list – PASSED
  • 2007-E-7: Add Song Thrush (Turdus philomelos) to the Check-list – PASSED
  • 2007-E-8: Add Parkinson’s Petrel (Procellaria parkinsoni) to the U.S. list – PASSED