About the Conservation Committee

Identifies and implements appropriate means for the AOS to promote sound ornithological science for making conservation and management decisions for birds. Among its activities are organizing symposia of conservation interest at annual meetings, helping to administer the AOS Conservation Achievement Awards, and engaging in science arbitration, which involves evaluating the science relevant to an issue and providing the results to decision-makers.


Anna Chalfoun
Jeff Walters
Jeff Walters


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Andrew Cox
Camila Gomez
Cara Joos
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Christopher Lepczyk
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Alejandra Martínez-Salinas
Patty McGill
Nicole Michel

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Angelina Ruiz Sanchez
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AOS Latin American/Caribbean Conservation Research Awards

The Conservation Committee of the American Ornithological Society (AOS) is dedicated to the study and conservation of migratory and resident birds throughout their full annual life cycle and supporting the research endeavors and career development of student/early-career scientists in areas with fewer opportunities for research funding. 

Accordingly, the AOS Conservation Committee has initiated a small grants program to support student/early-career scientists from Latin America and the Caribbean conducting conservation-related research on either migratory or resident birds in those regions.

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Anna Chalfoun, Conservation Committee co-chair: achalfou@uwyo.edu
Jeff Walters, Conservation Committee co-chair: jrwalt@vt.edu