Proposals 2018-A

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  • 2018-A-1: Transfer Japanese Bush-Warbler from Cettia to Horornis – PASSED
  • 2018-A-2: Elevate Automolus ochrolaemus exsertus to species rank – PASSED
  • 2018-A-3: Transfer Geothlypis aequinoctialis chiriquensis from Masked Yellowthroat G. aequinoctialis to Olive-crowned Yellowthroat G. semiflava – PASSED
  • 2018-A-4: Lump Cherrie’s Tanager Ramphocelus costaricensis with Passerini’s Tanager R. passerinii – PASSED
  • 2018-A-5: Change the English name of Rock Pigeon Columba livia back to Rock Dove – FAILED
  • 2018-A-6: Treat extralimital Elaenia brachyptera as a separate species from Lesser Elaenia E. chiriquensis – PASSED
  • 2018-A-7: Treat extralimital Henicorhina anachoreta as a separate species from Gray-breasted Wood-Wren H. leucophrys – PASSED
  • 2018-A-8a: Split extralimital Mitrephanes olivaceus from Tufted Flycatcher M. phaeocercus – PASSED
  • 2018-A-8b: Split extralimital Fluvicola albiventer from Pied Water-Tyrant F. pica – PASSED
  • 2018-A-8c: Adopt new English names for Mitrephanes – PASSED (follow names used by the South American Checklist Committee)
  • 2018-A-9a: Split Luscinia to recognize Larvivora – PASSED
  • 2018-A-9b: Split Luscinia to recognize Calliope – PASSED
  • 2018-A-9a: Split Luscinia to recognize Cyanecula – PASSED
  • 2018-A-10: Transfer Lesser Whitethroat from Sylvia to Curruca – FAILED

Proposals 2018-B

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  • 2018-B-1: Split Fork-tailed Swift Apus pacificus into four species – FAILED
  • 2018-B-2: Restore Canada Jay as the English name of Perisoreus canadensis – PASSED
  • 2018-B-3: Recognize two genera in Stercorariidae – FAILED
  • 2018-B-4: Split Red-eyed Vireo (Vireo olivaceus) into two species – PASSED
  • 2018-B-5: Split Pseudobulweria from Pterodroma – PASSED
  • 2018-B-6: Add Tadorna tadorna (Common Shelduck) to the Checklist – PASSED
  • 2018-B-7: Add three species to the U.S. list – PASSED
  • 2018-B-8a: Change the English name of Gallinula chloropus – FAILED
  • 2018-B-8b: Change the English name of Gallinula galeata – FAILED
  • 2018-B-9: Change the English name of Leistes militaris to Red-breasted Meadowlark – PASSED
  • 2018-B-10: Revise generic assignments of woodpeckers of the genus Picoides – PASSED (option 2)
  • 2018-B-11: Split the storm-petrels (Hydrobatidae) into two families – PASSED

Proposals 2018-C

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  • 2018-C-1: Adopt (a) a revised linear sequence and (b) a subfamily classification for the Accipitridae – PASSED
  • 2018-C-2: Split Yellow Warbler (Setophaga petechia) into two species – FAILED
  • 2018-C-3: Revise the classification and linear sequence of the Tyrannoidea
    • 2018-C-3-1: Revise the family relationship of OnychorhynchusTerenotriccus, and Myiobius – PASSED
    • 2018-C-3-2: Change the composition and sequence of the group which includes Myiornis through Tolmomyias – PASSED
    • 2018-C-3-3: Place Platyrinchinae at the beginning of Tyrannidae – PASSED
    • 2018-C-3-4: Restrict Platyrinchinae to Platyrinchus – PASSED
    • 2018-C-3-5: Raise Platyrinchinae and Rhynchocyclinae to family – FAILED
    • 2018-C-3-6: Merge Nesotriccus into Phaeomyias as Phaeomyias ridgwayi – PASSED
    • 2018-C-3-7a: Change the composition of Elaeniinae – PASSED
    • 2018-C-3-7a: Change the sequence of Elaeniinae – FAILED
    • 2018-C-3-8a: Change the composition of Fluvicolinae – PASSED
    • 2018-C-3-8b: Change the sequence of Fluvicolinae – FAILED
    • 2018-C-3-9b: Change the sequence of Tyranninae – FAILED
    • 2018-C-3-9b: Change the placement of Tyranninae – PASSED
    • 2018-C-3-10: Change the treatment of Piprites by creating a new family Pipritidae – PASSED
  • 2018-C-4: Split Cory’s Shearwater (Calonectris diomedea) into two species – FAILED
  • 2018-C-5: Split Puffinus boydi from Audubon’s Shearwater P. lherminieri – FAILED
  • 2018-C-6a: Split extralimital Gracula indica from Hill Myna G. religiosa – PASSED
  • 2018-C-6b: Move Gracula religiosa from the main list to Appendix – PASSED
  • 2018-C-7: Split Melozone occipitalis from White-eared Ground-Sparrow M. leucotis – FAILED
  • 2018-C-8a: Split White-collared Seedeater (Sporophila torqueola) into two species – PASSED
  • 2018-C-8b: Adopt the English name Morelet’s Seedeater for Sporophila morelleti – PASSED
  • 2018-C-9: Lump Taiga Bean-Goose Anser fabalis and Tundra Bean-Goose A. serrirostris – FAILED
  • 2018-C-10: Recognize Mexican Duck Anas diazi as a species – FAILED
  • 2018-C-11: Transfer Loxigilla portoricensis and L. violacea to Melopyrrha – PASSED
  • 2018-C-12a: Split Gray Nightjar Caprimulgus indicus into three species, recognizing C. jotaka – PASSED
  • 2018-C-12b: Split Gray Nightjar Caprimulgus indicus into three species, recognizing C. phalaena – PASSED
  • 2018-C-13: Split Barn Owl (Tyto alba) into three species – FAILED
  • 2018-C-14: Split LeConte’s Thrasher (Toxostoma lecontei) into two species – FAILED
  • 2018-C-15: Revise generic assignments of New World “grassland” sparrows – PASSED

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