Proposals 2016-A

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  • 2016-A-1: Elevate Aphelocoma californica woodhouseii to species rank – PASSED
  • 2016-A-2: Adopt “Whitestart” as the English surname of species of the genus Myioborus (SACC #63SACC #171) – FAILED
  • 2016-A-3: Lump Common Redpoll Acanthis flammea and Hoary Redpoll A. hornemanni into a single species – POSTPONED
  • 2016-A-4: Revise generic assignments of woodpeckers in the genus Picoides – FAILED
  • 2016-A-5: Split Cuban Bullfinch Melopyrrha nigra into two species – FAILED
  • 2016-A-6: Split Rufous-naped Wood-Rail Aramides albiventris from Grey-necked Wood-Rail A. cajaneus – PASSED
  • 2016-A-7: Move Motacillidae and Prunellidae to the “core passeridans” – PASSED
  • 2016-A-8: Change the linear sequence of genera in the family Odontophoridae – PASSED
  • 2016-A-9: Merge Caribbean Coot Fulica caribaea into American Coot F. americana – PASSED
  • 2016-A-10: Revise the classification of the Caprimulgiformes – PASSED
  • 2016-A-11a: Split Momotus momota into two or three species (SACC #412): Recognize lessonii (including coeruliceps) as a separate species from M. momotus or M. subrufescens – PASSED
  • 2016-A-11b: Split Momotus momota into two or three species (SACC #412): Recognize subrufescens as a separate species from M. momotus – PASSED
  • 2016-A-11c: Split Momotus momota into two or three species (SACC #412): Recognize coeruliceps as a separate species from M. lessonii – PASSED

Proposals 2016-B

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  • 2016-B-1a: Move Purple Swamphen Porphyrio porphyrio from the Appendix to the Main List – PASSED
  • 2016-B-1b: Split P. porphyrio into six species, thereby removing P. porphyrio from the Main List and adding Gray-headed Swamphen P. poliocephalus – FAILED
  • 2016-B-1c: Add African Swamphen P. [porphyrio] madagascarensis to the Main List – PASSED
  • 2016-B-2: Revise the subfamilies of Scolopacidae: (a) Eliminate Phalaropodinae, and (b) Restructure the family into five subfamilies – PASSED
  • 2016-B-3: Split Emerald Toucanet Aulacorhynchus prasinus into seven species – FAILED
  • 2016-B-4: Transfer Yellow-breasted Crake Porzana flaviventer to Hapalocrex, and transfer Laysan Rail P. palmeri and Hawaiian Rail P. sandwichensis to Zapornia – PASSED
  • 2016-B-5: Recognize new subfamilies of tanagers – PASSED
  • 2016-B-6: Split Costa Rican Warbler Basileuterus melanotis and Tacarcuna Warbler B. tacarcunae from Three-striped Warbler B. tristriatus – PASSED
  • 2016-B-7: Transfer White-thighed Swallow Neochelidon tibialis and Black-capped Swallow Notiochelidon pileata to Atticora – PASSED
  • 2016-B-8: Revise the generic classification of 3 species of Hylophilus: (a) Resurrect Pachysylvia and (b) Recognize Tunchiornis (SACC #656) – PASSED
  • 2016-B-9: Revise the linear sequence of Vireonidae (SACC #661) – PASSED
  • 2016-B-10: Revise the classification of the Apodiformes – FAILED
  • 2016-B-11: Recognize Psittacara maugei as a separate species from Hispaniolan Parakeet P. chloropterus – PASSED
  • 2016-A-12: Split Sirystes albogriseus from S. sibilator (SACC #610-A) – PASSED

Proposals 2016-C

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  • 2016-C-1: Change the English name of Alauda arvensis to Eurasian Skylark – PASSED
  • 2016-C-2: Recognize Lilian’s Meadowlark Sturnella lilianae as a separate species from S. magna – FAILED
  • 2016-C-3: Change the English name of Euplectes franciscanus to Northern Red Bishop – PASSED
  • 2016-C-4: Transfer Sandhill Crane Grus canadensis to Antigone – PASSED
  • 2016-C-5: Add Rufous-necked Wood-Rail Aramides axillaris to the U.S. list – PASSED
  • 2016-C-6a: Revise our higher-level linear sequence: Move Strigiformes to precede Trogoniformes – PASSED
  • 2016-C-6b: Revise our higher-level linear sequence: Move Accipitriformes to precede Strigiformes – PASSED
  • 2016-C-6c: Revise our higher-level linear sequence: Move Gaviiformes to precede Procellariiformes – PASSED
  • 2016-C-6d: Revise our higher-level linear sequence: Move Eurypygiformes and Phaethontiformes to precede Gaviiformes – PASSED
  • 2016-C-6e: Revise our higher-level linear sequence: Reverse the linear sequence of Podicipediformes and Phoenicopteriformes – PASSED
  • 2016-C-6f: Revise our higher-level linear sequence: Move Pterocliformes and Columbiformes to follow Podicipediformes – PASSED
  • 2016-C-6g: Revise our higher-level linear sequence: Move Cuculiformes, Caprimulgiformes, and Apodiformes to follow Columbiformes – PASSED
  • 2016-C-6h: Revise our higher-level linear sequence: Move Charadriiformes and Gruiformes to precede Eurypygiformes – PASSED
  • 2016-C-7: Transfer Neocrex to Mustelirallus (SACC #650) – FAILED
  • 2016-C-8a: Split Ardenna from Puffinus (SACC #647) – PASSED
  • 2016-C-8b: Revise the linear sequence of species of Ardenna – PASSED
  • 2016-C-9: Separate Cathartiformes from Accipitriformes – PASSED
  • 2016-C-10: Recognize Colibri cyanotus as a separate species from Cthalassinus – PASSED
  • 2016-C-11: Change the English name “Brush-Finch” To “Brushfinch” (SACC #653) – PASSED
  • 2016-C-12: Change the English name of Ramphastos ambiguus (SACC #663) – PASSED
  • 2016-C-13: Split Plain Wren Cantorchilus modestus into three species – PASSED
  • 2016-C-14: Recognize the genus Cercomacroides (Thamnophilidae) (SACC #638) – PASSED
  • 2016-C-15:Split Oceanodroma cheimomnestes and O. socorroensis from Leach’s Storm-Petrel O. leucorhoa – PASSED

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