Proposals 2011-A

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  • 2011-A-1: Set a minimum standard for the designation of a holotype for extant avian species – FAILED
  • 2011-A-2: Change linear sequence of genera in Trochilidae to reflect recent genetic data (SACC #267) – PASSED
  • 2011-A-3: A new generic name for some sparrows formerly placed in Amphispiza – PASSED
  • 2011-A-4: Split Gray Hawk Buteo nitidus into two species – PASSED
  • 2011-A-5: Transfer Deltarhynchus flammulatus to Ramphotrigon – FAILED
  • 2011-A-6: Change the gender ending of two species names – PASSED
  • 2011-A-7: Change English Name of the Bahama Warbler to Pinelands Warbler – FAILED
  • 2011-A-8: Reorganize classification of Thryothorus wrens – PASSED
  • 2011-A-9: Recognize the genus Dendroplex Swainson 1827 (Dendrocolaptidae) as valid (SACC #316) – PASSED
  • 2011-A-10: Change sequence of wren genera – PASSED
  • 2011-A-11: Transfer the genus Paroaria to the Thraupidae (SACC #276) – PASSED
  • 2011-A-12: Change species limits in the Arremon torquatus complex (SACC #468) – PASSED
  • 2011-A-13: Change English name of Maui Parrotbill to Hawaiian nameKiwikiu – FAILED
  • 2011-A-14: Revise the citation for Anser anser – PASSED
  • 2011-A-15: Move Veniliornis fumigatus to Picoides (SACC #263) – PASSED

Proposals 2011-B

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  • 2011-B-1: Recognize Baird’s Junco (Junco bairdii) as a distinct species – FAILED
  • 2011-B-2: Rearrange the sequence of species in the genus Spizella – FAILED
  • 2011-B-3: Split Caprimulgus into multiple genera – PASSED
  • 2011-B-4: Rearrange the linear sequence of genera in the Furnariidae (SACC #504) – PASSED
  • 2011-B-5: Revise limits of Buteogallus and Leucopternis (SACC #459SACC #460, and SACC #492)
    • 2011-B-5A: Resurrect Morphnarcus for Leucopternis princeps – PASSED
    • 2011-B-5B: Resurrect Pseudastur for Leucopternis albicollis (+ South American L. occidentalis) – PASSED
    • 2011-B-5C: Use Cryptoleucopteryx for Leucopternis plumbeus – PASSED
    • 2011-B-5D: Resurrect Urubitinga for Buteogallus urubitinga and Harpyhaliaetus – FAILED
    • 2011-B-5E: Resurrect Heterospizias for Buteogallus meridionalis – FAILED
  • 2011-B-6: Treat Basileuterus hypoleucus as conspecific with Basileuterus culicivorus (SACC #493) – PASSED
  • 2011-B-7: Change linear sequence of orders for Falconiformes and Psittaciformes (SACC #491A) – PASSED
  • 2011-B-8: Add European Golden-Plover (Pluvialis apricaria) to the US list – PASSED
  • 2011-B-9: Change name of the family Pteroclididae (sandgrouse) to Pteroclidae – PASSED

Proposals 2011-C

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  • 2011-C-1: Change the English names of nine species extralimital to North America
    • 2011-C-1A: Change Common Peafowl (Pavo cristatus) to Indian Peafowl – PASSED
    • 2011-C-1B: Change Solander’s Petrel (Pterodroma solandri) to Providence Petrel – PASSED
    • 2011-C-1C: Change Antarctic Giant-Petrel (Macronectes giganteus) to Southern Giant-Petrel – PASSED
    • 2011-C-1D: Change White-vented Storm-Petrel (Oceanites gracilis) to Elliot’s Storm-Petrel – PASSED
    • 2011-C-1E: Change Gray Frog-Hawk (Accipiter soloensis) to Chinese Goshawk or Chinese Sparrowhawk – PASSED
    • 2011-C-1F: Change Trudeau’s Tern (Sterna trudeaui) to Snowy-crowned Tern – PASSED
    • 2011-C-1G: Change Magpie Robin (Copsychus saularis) to Oriental Magpie-Robin – PASSED
    • 2011-C-1H: Change Common Canary (Serinus canaria) to Island Canary – PASSED
    • 2011-C-1I: Change African Fire-Finch (Lagonosticta rubricata) to African Firefinch – PASSED
  • 2011-C-2: Reclassify the Cuban Parrot (Amazona leucocephala) complex – FAILED
  • 2011-C-3: Split Galapagos Shearwater Puffinus subalaris from P. lhermi (SACC #160) – PASSED
  • 2011-C-4: Recognize Bryan’s Shearwater Puffinus bryani – PASSED
  • 2011-C-5: Split Pseudobulweria from Pterodroma – FAILED
  • 2011-C-6: Elevate indica group of Hill Myna Gracula religiosa to species status – FAILED
  • 2011-C-7: Move Pipra coronata to the genus Lepidothrix – PASSED
  • 2011-C-8: Correct several minor errors/typos in the Check-list – PASSED
  • 2011-C-9: Modify the species-level taxonomy of the Savannah Sparrow Passerculus sandwichensis – FAILED
  • 2011-C-10: Elevate Synthliboramphus hypoleucus scrippsi and S. h. hypoleucus to species – PASSED
  • 2011-C-11: Change English name of Columbina inca from Inca Dove to Aztec Dove – FAILED
  • 2011-C-12: Transfer the three North American species of Carpodacus to Haemorhous – PASSED
  • 2011-C-13: Move genus Pyrrhula to follow Pinicola in the linear sequence – PASSED
  • 2011-C-14: Adopt Guadalupe Murrelet and Ashy Hawk as the English names for Synthliboramphus hypoleucus and Buteo plagiatus, respectively
    • 2011-C-14A: Adopt Guadalupe Murrelet as the English name for Synthliboramphus hypoleucus – PASSED
    • 2011-C-14B: Adopt Ashy Hawk as the English name for Buteo plagiatus – FAILED

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