Proposals 2009-A

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  • 2009-A-1: Change linear sequence of species in the genus Cyanolyca – PASSED
  • 2009-A-2a: Elevate Aphelocoma [californica] woodhouseii to species – FAILED
  • 2009-A-2b: Elevate Aphelocoma [californica] sumichrasti to species – FAILED
  • 2009-A-3: Elevate Troglodytes troglodytes pacificus to species status – PASSED – See Addendum, Proposal 2009-E-1
  • 2009-A-4: Change Cyanocorax morio to Psilorhinus morio – PASSED
  • 2009-A-5: Revise linear sequence of New World jay genera – PASSED
  • 2009-A-6: Change linear sequence of genera in the Cotingidae (SACC #382) – PASSED
  • 2009-A-7: Recognize Trogon caligatus as a separate species from Trogon violaceus (SACC #50SACC #378) – PASSED
  • 2009-A-8: Recognize Trogon chionurus as a separate species from Trogon viridis (SACC #379) – PASSED
  • 2009-A-9: Recognize Trogon mesurus as a separate species from Trogon melanurus (SACC #51SACC #380) – PASSED
  • 2009-A-10: Recognize a new species of Red Crossbill, Loxia sinesciurus Benkman – FAILED
  • 2009-A-11a: Split Pipilo into two genera – PASSED
  • 2009-A-11b: Merge Melozone kieneri (ressurect Pyrgisoma) – FAILED – See Addendum, Proposal 2009-E-2
  • 2009-A-11c: Reposition Atlapetes, Melozone biarcuatum, M. leucotis, Aimophila notosticta, A. ruficeps, A. rufescens – PASSED
  • 2009-A-12a: Split Aimophila into three genera – PASSED
  • 2009-A-12b: Merge A. quinquestriata into Amphispiza – FAILED – See Addendum, Proposal 2009-E-3
  • 2009-A-13: Change spelling of Acanthidops bairdii to Acanthidops bairdi – PASSED
  • 2009-A-14: Change spelling of Vireo swainsonii to Vireo swainsoni – PASSED
  • 2009-A-15: Change English group name of Cardinalidae to “Cardinals and Allies” – PASSED

Proposals 2009-B

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  • 2009-B-1: Split the Elepaio (Chasiempis sandwichensis) into three species – PASSED
  • 2009-B-2: Change the English name of Puffinus (=Ardenna) gravis – PASSED
  • 2009-B-3: Recognize the parulid genus Leiothlypis – FAILED
  • 2009-B-4: Recognize the parulid genus Oreothlypis – PASSED
  • 2009-B-5: Recognize the parulid genus Parkesia – PASSED
  • 2009-B-6: Recognize a new scientific name for the Blue-winged Warbler – PASSED
  • 2009-B-7: Split Icterus dominicensis into four species – PASSED
  • 2009-B-8: Separate Melanitta americana from M. nigra – PASSED
  • 2009-B-9: Transfer Oceanodroma monorhis from the Appendix to the Main List – PASSED

Proposals 2009-C

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  • 2009-C-1: Create a new order, Phaethontiformes, for the Phaethontidae – PASSED
  • 2009-C-2: Alter the traditional orders Pelecaniformes (excluding Phaethontidae) and Ciconiiformes to reflect new data on their relationships, and create a new order, Suliformes – PASSED
  • 2009-C-3: Remove the Accipitridae from the Falconiformes, and create a new order, Accipitriformes – PASSED
  • 2009-C-4: Elevate the Osprey to family status, Pandionidae – PASSED
  • 2009-C-5: Create a new order, Eurypygiformes, for the Sunbittern (and Kagu) – PASSED
  • 2009-C-6: Alter the traditional orders Apodiformes and Caprimulgiformes to reflect new data on their relationships – PASSED
  • 2009-C-7: Elevate the New World barbets and Semnornis barbets to their own families (Capitonidae and Semnornithidae) – PASSED
  • 2009-C-8: Recognize six families arising from the breakup of the Sylviidae – PASSED
  • 2009-C-9: Alter the composition of the Timaliidae by merging Zosterops and moving the Wrentit Chamaea fasciata to the Sylviidae – PASSED
  • 2009-C-10: Remove the longspurs (Calcarius) and snow buntings (Plectrophenax) from the Emberizidae and elevate them to the new family Calcariidae – PASSED
  • 2009-C-11: Create a new family, Viduidae, for the indigobirds and whydas – PASSED

Proposals 2009-D

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  • 2009-D-1: Return Calcarius mccownii to the genus Rhynchophanes – PASSED
  • 2009-D-2: Add Little Bittern (Ixobrychus minutus) to the Main List – PASSED
  • 2009-D-3: Add Purple Heron (Ardea purpurea) to the Main List – PASSED
  • 2009-D-4: Transfer Eurasian Spoonbill (Platalea leucorodia) from the Appendix to the Main List – PASSED
  • 2009-D-5: Add Collared Pratincole (Glareola pratincola) to the Main List – PASSED
  • 2009-D-6: Add White-crested Elaenia (Elaenia albiceps) to the Main List – PASSED
  • 2009-D-7: Add Crowned Slaty-Flycatcher (Empidonomus aurantioatrocristatus) to the U.S. list – PASSED
  • 2009-D-8: Add Sinaloa Wren (Thryothorus sinaloa) to the U.S. list – PASSED
  • 2009-D-9: Transfer Rufous-tailed Robin (Luscinia sibilans) from the Appendix to the Main List – PASSED
  • 2009-D-10: Add Yellow-hooded Blackbird (Chrysomus icterocephalus) to the Main List – PASSED
  • 2009-D-11: Elevate Toxostoma curvirostre palmeri to species status – FAILED
  • 2009-D-12: Elevate Caprimulgus vociferus arizonae to species status – PASSED

Proposals 2009-E
Addenda to Proposals 2009-A

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  • 2009-E-1: Elevate Troglodytes troglodytes pacificus and Troglodytes troglodytes hiemalis to species status (supplemental proposal on English names) – PASSED
  • 2009-E-2: Transfer the brown towhees to Kieneria or to Melozone – PASSED (Melozone)
  • 2009-E-3: Return Aimophila quinquestriata to Amphispiza or transfer it to Amphispizopsis – PASSED (Amphispiza)

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