Proposals 2008-A

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  • 2008-A-1: Change family-level placements of several genera in the Emberizidae and Thraupidae – FAILED
  • 2008-A-2: Add Crowned Slaty Flycatcher, Griseotyrannus aurantioatrocristatus, to the check-list – PASSED
  • 2008-A-3: Merge Cichlherminia into Turdus – PASSED
  • 2008-A-4: Change vernacular names of Sharp-tailed Sparrows – PASSED
  • 2008-A-5: Split Lepidocolaptes lacrymiger from L. affinis – PASSED
  • 2008-A-6: Adopt a new English name for Cerorhinca monocerata (Charadriiformes, Alcidae) – FAILED
  • 2008-A-7: Misc. details – PASSED
  • 2008-A-8: Split Passerculus sandwichensis into as many as four species – FAILED
  • 2008-A-9: Split Carduelis into two or more genera
    • 2008-A-9A: Recognize the subgenus Acanthis as a genus – PASSED
    • 2008-A-9B: Recognize the subgenus Spinus as a genus – PASSED
    • 2008-A-9C: Remove C. sinica ands C. chloris from the genus Carduelis and place them in a genus with Rhodopechys – PASSED
  • 2008-A-10: Change linear sequence of trogon genera (SACC #337) – PASSED
  • 2008-A-11: Change English names of mostly Palearctic birds to follow BOU – WITHDRAWN
    • 2008-A-11A: Change Eurasian Kestrel to Common Kestrel
    • 2008-A-11B: Change Gyrfalcon to Gyr Falcon
    • 2008-A-11C: Change Eurasian Coot to Common Coot
    • 2008-A-11D: Change Common Ringed Plover to Ringed Plover
    • 2008-A-11E: Change Little Ringed Plover to Little Plover
    • 2008-A-11F: Change Eurasian Blackbird to Common Blackbird
    • 2008-A-11G: Change European Starling to Common Starling
    • 2008-A-11H: Change Change Common Chaffinch to Chaffinch
    • 2008-A-11I: Change Eurasian Bullfinch to Common Bullfinch
  • 2008-A-12: Change linear sequence of species in Turdus (SACC #338) – WITHDRAWN

Proposals 2008-B

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  • 2008-B-1: Transfer PirangaHabia, and Chlorothraupis to Cardinalidae (SACC #318) – PASSED
  • 2008-B-2: Transfer Granatellus to Cardinalidae (SACC #319) – PASSED
  • 2008-B-3: Transfer Amaurospiza to Cardinalidae (SACC #320) – PASSED
  • 2008-B-4: Remove Saltator from Cardinalidae (SACC #321, part) – PASSED
  • 2008-B-5: Recognize the genus Dendroplex Swainson 1827 (Dendrocolaptidae) as valid (SACC #316) – FAILED
  • 2008-B-6: Change rank and sequence of Galliform families – PASSED
  • 2008-B-7: Lump Myiobius sulphureipygius into Myiobius barbatus (SACC #342, part) – FAILED
  • 2008-B-8: Change the spelling of Mountain-gem to Mountaingem – FAILED
  • 2008-B-9: Add Patagioenas plumbea (Plumbeous Pigeon) to main list – PASSED
  • 2008-B-10: Add Yellow-breasted Flycatcher (Tolmomyias flaviventris) to main list – PASSED
  • 2008-B-11: Establish formal network of Regional Consultants for AOU distribution accounts – PASSED
  • 2008-B-12: Add Circus buffoni (Long-winged Harrier) to Appendix – PASSED
  • 2008-B-13: Add Tachycineta albiventer (White-winged Swallow) to Appendix – PASSED
  • 2008-B-14: Split Notharchus hyperrhynchus from N. macrorhynchos (SACC #125) – PASSED

Proposals 2008-C

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  • 2008-C-1: Change English name of Vireo caribaeus – PASSED
  • 2008-C-2: Split Glaucidium ridgwayi from G. brasilianum – FAILED
  • 2008-C-3: Divide Spinus into three genera – FAILED
  • 2008-C-4: Recognize family Mohoidae and put in proper place – PASSED
  • 2008-C-5: Subfamilies of Bombycillidae – FAILED
  • 2008-C-6: Correct citation to the genus Dives – PASSED
  • 2008-C-7a: Move Greylag Goose (Anser anser) from Appendix to main list – PASSED
  • 2008-C-7b: Adopt Eurasian spelling of the English name of Greylag Goose – WITHDRAWN
  • 2008-C-8: Move White-chinned Petrel (Procellaria aequinoctialis) from Appendix to main list – FAILED
  • 2008-C-9: Add Brown Hawk-Owl (Ninox scutulata) to the main list – PASSED
  • 2008-C-10: Add Sedge Warbler (Acrocephalus schoenobaenus) to the main list – PASSED
  • 2008-C-11: Add Yellow-browed Bunting (Emberiza chrysophrys) to main list – PASSED
  • 2008-C-12: Expand geographical coverage of the AOU Check-list to 200 nautical miles offshore – PASSED

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