This award recognizes lifetime achievement in ornithological research. Loye Holmes Miller (1874–1970) began his teaching career in 1904 at the Los Angeles State Normal School (which later became UCLA) and retired in 1943. It was only in the last nine years of his active service that the Ph.D. degree was awarded and, in that time, he had two M.A. and two Ph.D. students.

Alden Holmes Miller (1906–1965), Loye’s son, began his teaching career in 1931 in the Department of Zoology and Museum of Vertebrate Zoology at the University of California, Berkeley and remained on the faculty until his death 34 years later. Miller sponsored 28 Ph.D. students, 26 of them in avian biology. Among their students, those with a Ph.D. in avian biology total 166, and there are at least an additional 40 whose Ph.D. topics were non-avian.

Nomination Guidelines

Before submitting a nomination, please review the lists of previous recipients below. In recognition of the large number of ornithologists making outstanding contributions to our science, the AOS Council recommends that the Miller Award be conferred upon individuals who have not previously received the award. However, under exceptional circumstances the Council may consider and approve a nomination to confer a second award to an individual, if the new work to be recognized (1) involves a substantially different problem in ornithology than was recognized by the first award and (2) is of significantly greater quality than the work of other eligible ornithologists who have not yet been recognized with the award. The Miller Award recognizes lifetime achievement in ornithological research; therefore, it is possible to receive a Miller Award and one of the other AOS awards in one’s professional lifetime. Note than nominees for the Coues Award need not be members of AOS at the time of their nomination.

Submit a Nomination

To submit a nomination for the Miller Award:

  1. Login to the Member Portal.
  2. Upload a written summary (no more than 2 pages) describing the nominee’s contributions to ornithology and why they should be recognized with the award.
  3. Upload a current CV of the nominee.

Previous Winners

2019   A. Townsend Peterson
2018   Janis Dickinson
2017   Carol Vleck
2016   Walter D. Koenig
2015   Jerram Brown
2014   Ellen Ketterson
2013   Trevor Price
2012   Thomas Martin
2011   Susan Haig
2010   Keith A. Hobson
2009   Frances C. James
2008   Peter R. Marler
2007   Robert B. Payne
2006   Robert E. Ricklefs
2005   John A. Wiens
2004   Alexander Skutch
2003   B. Rosemary and Peter Grant
2002   Richard T. Holmes
2001   Frank A. Pitelka
2000   Ernst W. Mayr

1999   Gordon H. Orians
1998   Russell Balda
1997   Robert W. Storer
1996   William R. Dawson
1995   Barbara B. DeWolfe
1994   Storrs Olson
1993   George A. Bartholomew

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