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Student & Postdoctoral Research Awards

The AOU and COS provide numerous awards for student and postdoctoral research. Applications are due in January of each year. Please refer to the "Eligibility and Guidelines" links below for specific deadlines and more information about the awards offered by each society.

American Ornithologists’ Union

The AOU provides research awards that support studies in various areas of avian biology by students and postdoctoral researchers who are members of the AOU:

  1. Alexander Wetmore Memorial Research Award: Supports research in avian systematics, paleo-ornithology, biogeography, and especially neotropical biology; we encourage Latin American students to apply
  2. Margaret Morse Nice Award: Designated to encourage ornithological research by female graduate students
  3. Herbert and Betty Carnes Award: Stipulates that recipients must be females and non-smokers (i.e., have not smoked for at least the previous six months)
  4. Josselyn Van Tyne Memorial Research Award: Supports research in all areas of avian biology
  5. Donald L. Bleitz Award: Supports research in all areas of avian biology
  6. Werner and Hildegard Hesse Award: Supports students in ornithological research, with preference given to those studying wild birds. Werner and Hildegard Hesses’ passion for wild birds was sparked in night classes on the ecology and conservation of birds and led them to become leaders in amateur ornithology. The Hesses conducted bird surveys in the Canadian arctic, compiled BC’s Christmas Bird Counts for over 20 years, and developed a special concern for the harmful effects of human development on bird habitats and populations. The Hesses delighted in funding ornithological research and, particularly, contributing to the long-term monitoring of population change in birds of the Pacific Coast.
  7. AOU Research Grants Award: Supports research in all areas of avian biology

Eligibility and Guidelines

AOU Research Award Recipients, 1999-2016 (PDF)

Cooper Ornithological Society

The COS provides two student research awards annually to support studies in avian biology:

Mewaldt-King Student Research Award:

Richard Mewaldt.jpgJames King.jpg This award, named in memory of L. Richard Mewaldt and James R. King, supports research in any area of ornithology that relates to the conservation of birds. Studies that involve demographics, breeding biology, or disease ecology are particularly relevant (especially if the species is endangered, threatened, or otherwise of management concern), as are studies of species from threatened ecosystems or that reference large-scale conservation issues such as climate or landscape change.

Eligibility and Guidelines - Mewaldt-King Award

COS Mewalt-King Student Research Award Recipients, 1993-2016 (PDF)

Joseph Grinnell Student Research Award:

Hilda and Joseph Grinnell.jpg This award, named in memory of Joseph Grinnell, supports beginning research efforts of Ph.D. graduate students in their first or second year of enrollment. One award of $2500 is given annually to support basic research in any aspect of avian biology. Projects that deal with conservation issues in avian biology should be directed to the Mewaldt-King Research Awards Committee of the COS. Students may not submit a proposal to both award committees in the same year.

Eligibility and Guidelines - Joseph Grinnell Award

COS Joseph Grinnell Student Research Award Recipients, 2000-2016 (PDF)

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