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COS Joseph Grinnell Award Eligibility and Guidelines

Deadline: Proposals must be submitted electronically on or before 18 January. Students lacking internet access may refer to instructions below.

This award is announced at the annual meeting.

Eligibility Requirements

The Joseph Grinnell Student Research Award is open to all graduate students who are members of the COS and originally enrolled in a Doctoral program AFTER August 2013. If you are not a member, we encourage you to join. Students may not submit a proposal for both the Joseph Grinnell Student Research Award and Mewaldt-King Student Research Award in the same year.

Application Format

To apply for a Joseph Grinnell Student Research Award, students should submit one copy of:

  • A short research proposal (see format below)
  • His/her most current curriculum vitae
  • A letter of support from his/her major faculty advisor

Research proposals may not be longer than 1800 words (approximately 5 pages, double-spaced), and must include:

  • Abstract
  • Introduction, including: (a) objectives with specific hypotheses to be tested (b) summary of any work completed to date (c) relation to present knowledge (d) significance
  • Proposed methods, analyses, and timetable
  • Literature cited

Acceptable electronic file formats are Word, Rich Text Format, and PDF files. Files in other formats will not be accepted. Files should be named using the student's last name and first initial (e.g., SmithC_proposal.pdf; SmithC_cv.pdf). Please include "Grinnell Award" in the subject heading of the email. Students lacking internet access may submit printed copies of their materials via mail (postmarked by the deadline and sent to mailing address below) and should include a self-addressed envelope to facilitate notification of the committee's decision. Electronic copies submitted on floppy disks via postal service will not be accepted.

The letter of support should be submitted separately by the applicant's major faculty advisor. The letter should address the qualifications of the applicant and the importance of the research project. This letter also must state the academic semester or quarter in which the applicant first entered the Ph.D. program; otherwise the application will not be considered.

Submit applications and letters of support (preferably as an email attachment) to: Scott Stoleson, Ph.D
Chair, Joseph Grinnell Award Committee
USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station
PO Box 267
Irvine, PA 16329

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